Friday, February 19, 2010

Dear Cherie. . . The End of Youth (The Series. . .)

Cherie is in fine fettle (for a second she thought it was "fine fiddle," but never mind). 

The cold is gone, the sore throat has disappeared, the sun is shining, the birds are singing, You-Know-Who is heaven knows where. . .  It's a perfect day. 

Did that hedline make you nervous? Was there a flutter of panic? Surely you know Cherie better than that, among her many life plans is to never see the end of youth. 

Today is simply the end of our continuing series on the subject before we start another continuing series on the subject in a couple of months.

Let's get to work shall we?

Q: Tout le Monde: Dear, dear Cherie before you move on to spring clothes or spas or regimes or whatever else you plan on discussing next week, could you please, please give us as many tips as you can squeeze into one post before we stop reading because we have a life, to help us "appear" dewy and divine for the duration?

A: Mes Amis: Of course. Cherie's raison d'etre, her mission statement if you will, is to now and forever keep us en forme. Yes, you read that correctly: forever. Otherwise, what's the point? It's merely a waste of time and expensive products if you let down your guard. It's an on-going crusade and we're in this together.

Paint your toenails. Do not wait for the snow to melt. Bright, shiny toenails are too much fun not to have year round. The second Cherie's fuchsia toes hit the carpet in the morning, she smiles. Do you see the double bonus here? Cherie is instantly in a good mood and smiling lifts her face. It's a two-fer.

One reaches an age where support -- anywhere one can get it -- is paramount to a rich, fulfilling life. Let's take a moment then to talk about bras. They are the foundation on which all else is built, slight exaggeration, but nevertheless an elegant woman must have the proper foundations for all occasions, which may/probably/unfortunately include a mechanism that lifts and holds. This does not preclude pretty. Chantal Thomass is exceedingly proud of her balconnet (literally spilling over the railing) push-up bra, designed to be kind to that sometimes pesky area between collarbone and cleavage. 

And how one wears her foundations in the privacy of her own home is not within Cherie's purview.

Unless you have a signature lip color that no matter what comes and goes in the frivolous world of fashion, this hue says you, French makeup artists recommend a quirky trick to find your perfect everyday lipstick. G0 to a well-lighted mirror and bite your lips (if they bleed you were over zealous). Now quickly look at their color. That's it, apparently, the color lipstick we should be wearing. One can go one color up, as in slightly darker if one is bold. 

Cherie did this recently because she wouldn't want you to think she doesn't test everything before she puts it out here. The first reaction to the biting was white lips which was quite disconcerting, they then blossomed into a slightly darker than natural color. If you're on an economy kick, just keep biting your lips and forget about lipstick.

Now is the moment. If you have those annoying "freckles" (Cherie feels the use of euphemisms is a vital part of every woman's beauty regime) on your face, hands, chest, wherever, it's the time to have them zapped. This laser procedure cannot be done in the summer and once it's accomplished you better never forget your 1000 SPF product every time you see a ray of sunshine, because those little devils are just waiting to come back so you can hand over hundreds more of your hard earned cash to your dermatologist. 

If you've never experienced this grooming event, Cherie feels obliged to tell you it feels like someone snaps each spot with a big, fat rubber band which makes you want to give the person operating the laser a big, fat lip.

Depressed? Psychiatrist, Frederic Chapelle recommends knitting. Another two-fer: a scarf and a smile.

Cherie probably doesn't have to say this, but of course she will: Regarding our lipstick conversation, you know bitten lips do not spring back pearlized or sporting reflective glitter bits. Of course.

Foundation covering the entire face, neck, earlobes and all other areas in the general vicinity equals + five years.

You know that area where the eyebrow arches? Stroke a pale beige, champagne or in the evening a beige-y tone with the slightest touch of iridescence, not sparkle. That simple gesture opens the eyes and equals - five years.

Why not? Try an anti-age hair masque, for example: Prime Plenish de Shu Uemura Art of Hair, Lifetex Resist de Wella, Kheil's Olive Fruit Oil Deeply Reparative Hair Pak or Lenor Greyl Masque Quintessence.

What do puffy tired eyes say? Exactly. The portable Patchs Lissants et Defatigants au Bleuet for
eyes by Kloranes are heaven sent. Even better, when you put them in the refrigerator.

In the first and second installments of this riveting series, Cherie pointed out the importance of smiling, it's an instant facelift, and posture, it's an immediate slimming/ youth fix, surely you're anxiously anticipating the third freebie offering eternal youth: It's sleep and plenty of it. 



knitpurl said...

Cherie,you've done it again. I love these all. I laughed at your words, but certainly can write, message received. You've raised my spirits and given me several things to decide on whether to purchase.

And knitting, well, isn't that a kick in the head, of course, it's great for my crazy life at the moment.

BigLittleWolf said...

Wonderful as always! And vive la France when it comes to gorgeous undergarments, with construction worthy of Eiffel himself.

Delightful post.

LPC said...

Confession, which I will make here and most likely nowhere else, I HATE underwire bras. They are the work of the devil and I invest enormous amounts of time finding alternatives. If you don't have buckets of bust, you shouldn't have to wear any metal anywhere in its vicinity. So say I.

Anonymous said...
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BonjourRomance said...

Cherie, you are right about so many things. Colored toes all year - check. Never slather foundation everywhere - check. Hair packs - check.

My problem...freckles...on my face. They nearly fade away in winter, but as soon as the sunshine hits them - freckle-face (I used to live in Florida so you can imagine!) I admit I'm afraid to go the lazer route and besides my honey loves them (and so do alot of people apparently from some rather amusing compliments I receive) :) Oh well I can still dream about those lilly white complexions and hopefully you will love me anyway.

Wonderful post!

myletterstoemily said...

oh thank you! i am 15 years younger
after reading one very funny post!

Metropolitan Mum said...

You should have seen my husband's face when I announced 'I am off to bite my lips'. No wonder he thinks I had too much sun.
Turns out I am a darker shade of dusky pink. Who would have thought. Needless to say that I own about 20 different lipstick shades, none of them antique pink...

I have tagged you over at mine with a bag tag. I am very curious to find out about the fabulous stuff Cherie carries around with her...

Lily Lemontree said...

Cherie, you and your advice are worth your weight in gold!!!
I must agree about the painted toenails. Although I always keep my fingernails a pale pink that has become my signature, I love reds, corals, violets, fuschias, etc. on my toes. Brings a flush of life to the feet!
I never knew that little tidbit about biting the lips, how clever the French are!!
Excellent post as always, have a fabulous weekend!

Fearless Nester said...

Toes all painted, just finished knitting a purse, and I'm smiling really big because I love your tips. Now, I'm off to bite my lips! Who knew? This was great! ~Lili

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Tish dearest,

These are marvelous, stunning and fun tips that I am seriously considering! What a stressful week. I love the nail polish and just spoiling myself this weekend. Merci Madame Chèri...vous êtes très intelligente et je vous remercie!

Bisous à vous tous! Anita

Style Artisan said...

After you give a fat lip to the person doing the laser zapping, note the color of their swollen lips so that you can then purchase the perfect shade of lipstick for them as an apology! ;)

Kristi said...

It is so much fun to read your posts and also so very useful. I love the lipstick idea and let me tell you, I so need a hair pack! I'll have to wait until after my self imposed not a cent in lent program, but its on my list!

Morgane said...

i'm sure you read the last "ELLE" : am i right ?

Beautifully50 said...

You know I love this post!!! So many great tips!! I actually have fuschia polish on my toes now! Feb hits and I want Spring - especially with our hardest winter ever (Dallas). I really want to try the eye packets! Sounds divine. Thanks for the great tips!!

Jacqueline said...

Fabulous solutions to all of our aging needs..... and, I need them !! I have really noticed the aging process attacking me a lot more lately. I am going to a spa hotel on Monday for two days with my oldest friend.We have known each other since we were 12. We will talk and talk until we can talk no more !! After a few treatments I might look a bit better ! XXXX

materfamilias said...

Thanks for the youth-preserving laughter! Interesting you mentioned the link between knitting and depression -- at dinner with friends last night, we heard about their recent trip to Iceland where they were told that more knitting is happening in this tough economic climate. They queried their informant whether this was out of frugality -- i.e. knitting, rather than buying, garments -- but the answer was, instead, that folks were knitting to lift their spirits! Of course, as a knitter, I already knew about this benefit . . .

Beadboard UpCountry said...

Cherie is right on again although I should have consulted with her about toilletrie(?) purchases before going to Paris, RATS!The biting the lips is a new one on me and I was a licensed cosmetologist. Go Figure. Always a pleasure Tish!!!!!Maryanne xo

Paulita said...

Great tips as I approach my 40-something birthday next week. I've already scheduled a facial, but maybe I'll add a pedicure to my schedule. I have to keep my freckles though, unless you meant age spots which are a different matter altogether.

C.J. said...

:) I love your blog, thanks!

BigLittleWolf said...

By the way, Tish. I do love the Chanel vernis (pour mes pieds). And I'm curious to know if you've ever attended any of the runway shows at Paris Fashion Week.

Insanity, or a little slice of heaven? Or both?

Tish Jett said...

My dearest Carole, I'm so glad your spirits were lifted. Now's the time to knit your little heart out.

Chere Wolfe,

You're so right, isn't that polish luscious for the toes? To answer your question, yes, I covered the ready-to-wear collections all over the world: New York, Milan, London and Paris. Also the haute couture in Paris, once to Japan to visit a group of top designers and a couple of times to Germany to do the same thing.

I did it for at least 15 years. I loved it, loved it, loved it -- most of the time. When I quit I was glad, now I wouldn't mind starting all over again. . . My friend Jean tells me I should try to cover them as a blogger. I think I would no longer have the privilege of sitting in the front row with a blog, SRO perhaps or perhaps outside the tents peeking in.

LPC, I admire your courage to put yourself out there so to speak.

Mimi, cherie, everyone loves freckles, there's nothing cuter in this world. I was using a euphemism for the one's that crop up when one reaches a certain age.

Myletterstoemily, Wow, fab-u-lous. Aren't we having fun though?

Met Mom, I know isn't the bite the lips thing hilarious? I'll be over to do my bag with you. Merci.

My chere, chere Lily, Thank you. I love pale pink nails. They're that perfect combination of impeccable grooming and femininity.

Fearless Nester, You are lol funny. Get back to me and tell me how many years you lost in about 24 hours.

Bisous a toi, Anita, merci, merci.

Dear Style Artisan, I think your idea is not only brilliant but funny as well. Here's the problem however: The woman doing the zapping, was not the dermatologist, but an assistant and someone had pumped a pound of collegen into each of her lips and I'm not sure if I had slugged her it would have changed either the size or the color. If I ever do this again -- unlikely--maybe I'll test your suggestion.

Dear Kristi, I think you and Stephanie (Bonjour Madame) are definitely on to something: not a cent for lent. I would suggest something like olive oil in the meantime, but it's impossible to rinse it out. I think you should wait and put the masque on while you hunt for your Easter eggs and chocolate bunnies.

Morgane, Yes, indeed, we all know the tips about not to much foundation, powder, etc., etc., but when Elle puts the plus or minus years on the procedure -- which is amusing -- it makes the old seem new again and much more fun.

Dear Beautifully50, Doesn't that just absolutely change EVERYTHING to has fuchsia toes in the winter? I've been using the eye packets forever. They really are great.

Dear, dear Jackie, Oooooooh, a spa. You lucky girl you. I suspect you are absolutely beautiful and the experience with just make you look rested and pink-cheeked.

Dear Mater, I e-mailed my friend Trish Malcolm the editor-in-chief of Vogue Knitting to tell her what you said. It's fascinating. You should see my holey scarf, but it does have a magical calming effect. I know you are a master knitter. Your creations make me even more ashamed of the thing I'm making. "Thing" is really the only word for it.

Dear Maryanne, When you come back for the next show we'll go shopping. Just did this with a friend recently and she went home with all my favorites, plus a few things that caught her eye just because they smelled divine.

Dear Paulita, Thank you for your visit. Who doesn't love freckles. Yes, unfortunately I was referring to the other freckles.

Thanks, C.J. -- so, do we know the same people or not?

Merci one and all, you brighten my days and make everything here worthwhile. xoxo

Metropolitan Mum said...

Oh. I did leave a comment. Looks like not all is lost in this little head of mine then :)
Why don't you take the top 10 pieces of your bag? 5 things you are fond of and 5 that are funny, for example?

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