Monday, December 7, 2009

News Brief & Petite Holiday Potpourri

So much to tell you, so little time. 

I'm constantly finding tidbits I want to dash off, thinking: "I absolutely have to tell you about this, this very instant," but I can't write to you non-stop whenever I happen upon something that delights me and furthermore you don't have the time to read non-stop. 

Included here are a few highlights from a list of subjects and nonsense that have caught my attention over the last few days. I really do think you'll find the eclair delicious (just you wait).

Think ribbons, bows and red, red, red. What time of year is it? Exactly. (Some of these items you will note are two-fers, i.e. red and bows; you know how much we love a real investment item.) A ribbon in your hair, bows on your shoes, a floppy foppy one under a collar, on your gloves, around your waist fastened with a brooch. . . Or go undercover with red lingerie.

The beautiful rusty red blouse is from the fall/winter Giambattista Valli collection.

A great big -- real if you're lucky, doesn't matter if you're not -- ring. (The first, all fantasy, is from Poggi; the second, the real deal from Dior.)

My poinsettias are all over the house, the first step in the decorating marathon. Next I have to wash the front doors before the wreaths go up. We have dogs who unfortunately know how to open them and leave the proof all over the paint. 

I only ever buy white or the beautiful blush-colored plants and put them in everything from an antique silver bon-bon box, a mercury glass cube, copies of 18th century cache-pots and the smaller ones in clusters of silver cups.

Under the "Is this adorable or what(?)" category, look at the Fragonard collection of six tiny solid perfumes with pictures of famous Paris monuments, including the Metro, imprinted on the lids of the boîtes, ringing up at a reasonable 25 Euros.  

Bourjois is doing something similar for the holidays -- eye shadow in Violet Absolu, Argent and Beige Rosé in their classic compacts, but this time decorated with Paris landmarks.

And at the top, as promised: An eclair in the image of Brigitte Bardot from Fauchon, a smidge pricey at six Euros, but she's worth it. N'est-ce pas?


hostess of the humble bungalow said...

What a delightful post! I would love to see how the white poinsettias and silver mercury glass look in your home.
I have red leather gloves and would love red shoes. I wore out my last pair and have not found a suitable replacement yet.
Let us see your doors all clad with the wreaths please!

Jacqueline said...

I always thought that Brigitte Bardot was absolutely beautiful so, I don't know if I could eat her !! Perhaps a plain eclair for me. I love the solid perfumes and good to see bourjois are doing a similar thing in their range. I will look out for them. The red gloves remind me of last week when we went to see the tennis at the O2. We took the train and then, having not dressed warmly enough,and the fact that we were taking the boat, I had to buy a scarf and some gloves at the station and they were the same as the red ones you have shown except, they were in black. Everything I buy is in black !! Well, that was a long-winded story wasn't it ? Sorry.
Love all the other Christmassy things too, Tish. Have a great week. XXXX

The Daily Connoisseur said...

I love those red gloves- they are so charming! I have a pair of black leather gloves with a bow that are very similar... xo

BonjourRomance said...

What a great list of fabulous things to find under the tree! Love the red gloves and the first ring. The red lingerie is so pretty - if it is even remotely romantic I love it!

The Brigette Bardot eclair is a beauty. I so enjoy your writing and thank you for stopping by and leaving such kind comments, it is nice to share 'our city' isn't it?

D A Wolf said...

Everything here is délicieux-
avec ou sans très beau Monsieur
qui donne cadeaux, petits objets

when a woman wants to play...

LOVE the gloves and Brigitte
All the red - it's hot and sweet!
You do find trésors, c'est sur
toujours COOL, je te le jure !

(More rhyme-crimes, et tu sais ou... et moi, la vue, c'est sur, c'est floue...)


My favorite dessert IS un eclair au cafe! but to go all the way to biting into BB? well...yes absolutely! great post: all that red is so festive; getting in the mood.

Anoninoz said...

Gorgeous tid-bits of information - thank you and such pretty photos too... Just love those little Fragonard solid perfumes - so cute and we are selling them in the perfume shop I am working in this Christmas too... (photos of shop in my last post) x

Rita said...

Such fun little stocking stuffer ideas. Love all the red.

White poinsettias are so classic Christmas mixed with silver. I purchase all of my poinsettias at a giant garden greenhouse,which carries every variety and color mix available. So, I typically add one of the fun stripped or spotted varieties to my selection. Great post!

Bonjour Madame said...

This was a fun post. I too love the gloves. Tres jolie!

Marsi said...

I just love these posts because I just love to see the latest bits of charm coming out of Paris. That Dior ring is so gorge!

It's fun to hear about how you're decorating your world for the holidays. I hope you'll possibly maybe consider posting some shots once you're done outfitting the place. We all loved your little series on your vanities and tabletops a few months ago.

The Bardot eclair is ... interesting. I'd much rather eat a Barack Obama eclair. (That sounds a little dirty.)

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