Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Virtual Shopping: Her Way, My Way

Despite the unlimited virtual credit we have on our cards allowing us to indulge in the most frivolous follies, this week I opted for one wear-for-the-rest-of-our-lives YSL school uniform pleated skirt (at a one semester at Harvard price tag no doubt) and a low-key frou-frou embellished shell from Miu Miu which has long-term pluck out of the closet for any occasion potential.

You know the game: I choose, Edith either argues or submits, we take the pieces back to our armoires and mix them up with what we already own. Then Edith draws them. If she's in a testy mood she makes me gain weight and herself lose it -- virtually speaking of course, as is the entire exercise. Except we really do own the clothes we use to extend our faux purchases. And as you can see, one of us was on a regime, the other wasn't. Merci beaucoup, Edith. 

On top, Edith put her Miu Miu with a brown felt skirt trimmed in velvet and her boots, which you've seen before. I put mine with my vanilla Chanel skirt, which you have also seen before, a camel cashmere shawl to cover those pesky upper arms and my gold and black Chanel shoes.

Above, and I quote: "I put the YSL skirt with an old jacket which looks like Saint Lauret, but isn't; a gray turtleneck; red tights and my new bottines." My get-up includes: a black cashmere T-shirt; gray boyfriend sweater (Edith forgot the buttons) and another of my new scarves -- one side gray, the other black -- just pretend for the side Edith made into some sort of tan-ish hue instead of gray.


Marsi said...

Boy, that Edith knows just how to punch a girl's buttons, doesn't she?! This is so funny. I think I like it when you two squabble!

Very nice choices for this week.


Deja Pseu said...

I like yours and Edith's ensembles MUCH better than the designers' runway stylings. What I'm loving about this exercise is the *wearability* you impart on these fantasy garments. Formidable!

BigLittleWolf said...

I want Edith's skirt! (But with a different top.) When you are the stature of Edith Piaf - the "other" Edith - a simpler top would be required.

LOVE LOVE LOVE this post. J'adore les dessins d'Edith !

What fun you two must have! May I come play dress up? I'll bring my pearls, my boots and favorite heels, my divine black rabbit scarf purchased soldé in the Marais in the dead of winter (il faisait froid et je n'avais pas d'écharpe - excusez-moi, mais c'était le coup de foudre et la seule fourrure que j'aie !)

I wrote about 'quality' today. You may enjoy. Great minds, as they say... (damn, I know that expression in French.... les esprits qui se rencontrent... ??)

I also provided a seasonal recipe this morning, with - of course - a French Twist.

Must run off and bake now!

(Thinking of Miu Miu and Chanel. Heady stuff! Merci, et bonne soirée !)

knitpurl said...

Thought the virtual ideas were better than the designer originals. I know we all love Edith, but I wonder if she will enjoy all the delicious goodies during the coming holidays. Or will she personify the marvelous woman who has it all together and gains a half an ounce in weight by New Year's Day.

Sorry Edith, didn't mean to be sarcastic. Tish - just wondering if eating tiny bites of this and that holds true for the modern French woman at this time of the year.

knitpurl said...

Note to Marsi regarding yesterday's post: Wouldn't that be fun -- we could send a Gulfstream 450 to France to pick up Tish, just to knit of course.
- Carole said...


If you like squabbles, wait until you see what she's done to me next week.

I'd fire her if she weren't one of my best friends. Her wages, I have to admit, are within reason: apricots, plums and tomates from the garden. Then, just to embarrass me, she gives me walnuts and daisies from hers. When the apple juice ferments into cider she'll give me some of that too.

So, as you can see I'm in an extremely difficult position. Plus she DOES know how to draw. It's a rock and a hard place. said...

Merci Deja Pseu. You are formidable. said...


You may have had one of the best ideas ever -- in the whole-wide-world: A Gulfstream 450 to pick me up.

I'm packed and ready. Just give me the thumbs-up.

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