Tuesday, November 24, 2009

If You Could Buy Anything: What Would It Be?

As for so many things in this life (or my life), I thought I had everything under control, but you know how it goes, best laid plans and all that. . .

Then I decided, of course, it must be my French, I didn't phrase the question properly. This happens all the time and seemed like a reasonable explanation. Today's interview was to be simple, straight-forward (I thought), based on the question: "If you could have anything in the world you wanted, money no object -- we're in fantasy land -- what would you choose?" 

Obviously I was a material girl before the other one was born (barely, I mean age-wise) so I thought the query was limpid. I was referring to clothes, bright shiny objects. I was proposing a once-in-a-lifetime offer. 

My first call was to Anne-Françoise. Without a moment's hesitation, she replied: "a goat."  

"Non, non, Cherie," said I.  "I'm afraid you didn't quite understand." Whereupon she replied, "Now that I have my three chickens I want a goat." I tried again: "But you can have ANYTHING you want." 

"I want a chevre," she said in a slightly more emphatic tone.

I thought this was so funny I decided to change the rules of my game. Instead of insisting on garments and bijoux I asked two questions:

1. If you could "buy" anything what would it be?

2. If you could "buy" any clothes, accessories, jewels, what would they be?

This is what my subjects told me:

Anne-Françoise: My goat.

And something beautiful from Lanvin.

Edith: I would hire a full-time combination chauffeur/secretary.

Then I would like a rouge Hermès Birkin bag to wear with a three-quarter length Chanel jacket, also in rouge and the Jeager-Lecoultre Reverso watch.

Katy: I would like a house overlooking the water in Corsica and a chalet in Meribelle, both with four bedrooms and four luxurious bathrooms.

On the other side of the question; I'll take a huge emerald cut diamond ring.

Frédérique: A four-bedroom maison in the heart of Paris with a small garden.

Since I love Art Deco, I would like diamond and pearl earrings from the epoch and a matching bracelet.

Aurore: A hotel particulier with a large garden near Paris.

After I've arranged the house, I would like the following: a Hermès Cape Cod watch, a HUGE diamond from Van Cleef, the Chanel 2.55 sac, a Hermès Kelly bag and then I would go shopping at all the grand couturiers to find exactly what fits me perfectly to go with my new accessories.

Ed. Note: Next week the same questions will be answered by -- are you ready (?) -- Les Hommes (!)


Marsi said...

Wow, dream BIG, ladies! I love it. A-F is very funny with her insistence upon a goat. She knows they smell bad and have those horrible devil eyes, right?

When my son was in preschool, I took him and a buddy to a goat farm near my childhood home, where they raise goats for cheese and cashmere. They were actually rather gentle animals, but have a certain gamey smell that stays with you the rest of the day. At the time, I hadn't yet learned to knit, but I was definitely into cashmere and found it fascinating to meet some kashmir goats.

But I digress.

If I could have absolutely anything, money no object, it would have to be my future pied-a-terre in San Francisco, where we dream of retiring to. Neighborhood? For now, I'm going to say North Beach, but we do love the Mission and Russian Hill as well.

To answer the accessories part of your challenge, I would love to have a vintage Cartier Tank wristwatch. If I may choose more than just one item, then I'd add a pair of Roger Vivier flats, beige Chanel slingbacks with a black toe cap, and an Hermes cashmere shawl.

Fun game, Tish! What would YOU buy?

knitpurl said...

Tish, you must write us how you would answer these questions. The above answers all were interesting.

For me, it's still a 3 bed., 2.5 bath condo with cleaning service and mountain views in Beaver Creek, CO. (It had been Vail for years, but now I cannot stand it's major over-crowding.) A Chopard watch, moonstone and diamond earrings from D. Yurman, anything Hermes, seasonless wardrobe of Christian Louboutin shoes and a BMW for I do love to drive.

BigLittleWolf said...

This is utterly sublime. I laughed! Ah merci...

This, I will need to ponder, though I suspect a pied-à-terre in the Marais would come into play - à 3 chambres - ce serait le luxe !

And possibly a gorgeous original work by Dérain - something smallish I think - or Richard Diebenkorn, or Michel Macréau, and all the time in the world to choose exactly which one.

One other thing? There is an extraordinary French artist - Fred Deux, un dessinateur et graveur d'une puissance hallucinante. Money no object, I would listen to his tales, and write his biography as a biography should be written - accurate, but a wondrous work of literature - up to the mesmerizing quality of the artist's oeuvre.

(On pondering - I would take that process, that experience, instead of the painting. But the apartment in the Marais, a quiet little street, and a courtyard - that, yes, most certainly. And your friends' goats would be most welcome.)

Check this out: not for everyone - but extraordinaire if you are unfamiliar with his work: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E48I5DzW-QA (in French, wonderful examples of his work).

BigLittleWolf said...

PS - Since you read me (and I'm still waiting for Christian Louboutin to adopt me) - you know I wouldn't say non to Santa or the great gods of footwear gifting me with Louboutin's leopard trimmed booties (Charme 100) or Helmut pumps (black or red) also 100mm - size 36.

Saint Nicolas? Sinter Klaus - are you listening???

Marsi said...

Carole, if you get that condo in Beaver Creek, I'll stop by. It's practically in my backyard. We will knit by firelight!

metscan said...

I don´t need anything. Given the money, I would pay every single bill and debt I have and when the time is right, I´d move to the city.

Jacqueline said...

I don't really want a lot. If I could have anyhing, a house in Hampstead or Highgate would be nice or a Victorian one in the country.... OR ..... a Gustavian clock.
....... and to wear ? I don't like having what everyone else has and I'm not big on the usual suspects in the designer world. I like different and unusual, so a beautifully cut long black coat. XXXX

The Daily Connoisseur said...

A goat- so funny!

Let's see... I would have:

A full time staff of housekeeper, cook and secretary (and a house big enough to accommodate these people)


Kathy said...

Money no object, I would rebuild my house right where it is. I have to gild that lily before I could ever move on.

Oh all right, I'll take the house in Cape May too.

tishjett@yahoo.com said...

How great you all responded with what you would do and buy. Makes the whole story so much more interesting.

Anoninoz said...

Sorry, have come a little late to the party here (and what a party) due to time differences! Love the goat idea - must admit have always fancied a pygmy goat - so cute.. but I dont't think I'd 'waste' one of my wishes on it!!!
I think an appartment in Paris would fit the bill, not too large 2bedrooms and 2 bathrooms would be quite sufficient. Then an Hermes handbag - not sure which, either the Birkin or the one that folds in on itself from each side (don't know what its called!) in that gorgeous taupe leather (like the Cape Cod watch photographed - have to admit to being a very lucky and spoilt 'girl' on my 50th b.day and was given this exact watch, same strap colour too by Mr SE).... Great post - what would you 'buy' Tish?

My Carolina Kitchen said...

I would have a lovely little home in Saint-Remy-de-Provence and a second home on a beach somewhere in the islands. Oops, I've already had that, but it would be nice again. Also that lovely gold Rolex with the diamonds and blue face I saw the other day at the jewelers. Perhaps Chanel flats to go with some tight jeans after I've magically lost a few extra pounds. A small expensive convertable sports car would be nice to zip around town in also. Give me more time.I could go on and on.

You didn't say what you would get Tish. This is such fun.....you "must" tell now. We are waiting.

La Belette Rouge said...

I will happily take one of everything, except the goat. Do you think we could get a two for one special?

Shelley said...

I think I would want an international time share that would allow me to live for as long as I liked virtually anywhere I liked, in relative luxury of course. Then I wouldn't have to narrow it down to a certain place. It would also have to be big enough to have house parties. I've never had a time share but I suspect there is no such thing.

As to clothing, I can't honestly say I long for designer items. Rather I would wish that all my clothing fit me perfectly and was flattering and that I had designed and made it all myself. I wish for that skill (without the years of practice...unrealistic, I know).

As for the goat -- cheese and cashmere are not to be readily dismissed. I think you're friend is actually quite clever.

James said...

Inspector Morse's Mk II Jaguar, thought I'd throw a little man style into the fray. Did you get my email?

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