Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What Did They Buy? Part I

Knowledge is power. 

Beyond our insatiable curiosity we must know precisely what they are buying to perk up their wardrobes this season so we can determine what direction we might like to follow -- or not.

This is the first part of another mini-series which will continue until we all get bored with the subject. (I trust you will let me know if you reach ennui before I do.)

A few observations before we plunge into the specifics:

1.) You may think some of these choices are too young for you. Consider the way a French woman would wear them: opaque tights, boots, lacy camisoles under deep Vs -- demure, yet sexy -- and so on.

2.) Their choices often underscore the way they expand the foundations of their wardrobes. Basically basic with a soupçon of frivolity.

3.) Two found or re-found their perfect LBD this season. As we all know, a staple.

4.) We may be returning to some of the women included in today's survey because they haven't finished shopping. They're still on the hunt. Sometimes they don't know for what specifically, but they'll know it when they see it.

Let us begin. . .


1.) Knee-high black leather boots with a low heel. "They're a replacement for the pair I can no longer wear anyplace in public."

2.) A black corset belt.

3.) A simple fine-knit wool cardigan with tiny silver buttons -- "and the reason I bought it, the little detail of buttons on the sleeves."

4.) Lots of opaque tights: black ("well, you know. . ."), red, dark brown and dark gray.

5.) Low boots to wear with jeans in dark brown suede.

6.) A wine colored cardigan flecked with red "I can wear with anything. It has no buttons so I close it with a brooch." (Drawn by her above.)

7.) "I'm still looking for my seasonal coup de foudre (love at first sight) something."


1.) Gray Tod moccasins.

2.) A gray/taupe Zadig & Voltaire deep V-neck cashmere sweater.

3.) A LBD from Irene Van Ryb. "It has short sleeves, a round neck, is quite fitted and then the skirt becomes A-line. It skims just above my knees." 


1.) Two pairs of three-inch heel moccasins, one in black, one in gray. Both in suede, trimmed with patent leather.

2.)  Chocolate suede knee-high boots with a medium heel.

3.) Black suede cuissards (thigh-high boots). "I wear them with a black envelope skirt so they don't look too risqué."

4.) A long, large cardigan with a one button closure in taupe.

5.) A black fine wool pantsuit with high-waisted straight trousers and a very fitted one-button jacket. "It is perfect for work and can instantly transform into a more formal affair."

6.) A charcoal gray three-quarter wool and cashmere coat with a huge collar. (It's pictured above.)


1.) A navy blue flannel dress by Bensimon (purchased chez Babette btw).

2.) Low boots in navy suede. "I thought I would wear them with the dress, but decided it was too much."

3.) Low boots in camel suede.

4.) A fine wool deep V-neck sweater in camel.

5.) A "patineuse" skirt in black. (Ice skater skirt?  She plans to wear it with black tights, not the way it's shown above.)

6.) A camisole in black bordered in lace to be worn under a deep U-neck black sweater.

7.) A cardigan with losange (like cough drops, sort of diamond shaped?) beads in tones of maron glacé, cream and beige.

8.) A LBD "very chic" to wear in Atlanta this December.

9.) A black coat. "Also very chic."

10.) A small, black sequined evening envelope.

11.) Black lace high, high heels. "Oh, I love them."

12.) A shawl in shocking pink.


Kristi said...

Oh my gosh, I loved this post! So much fun. I would love to see pictures of their deep vee-neck sweaters and LBD's!!!
Thanks for the vicarious fun!

Lorrie said...

Oh, so wonderful! I love the sketch of the cardigan closed with a brooch. The shape is just perfect.


Clarity said...

T, I posted about curiosity recently but you took it to a fashion level. I must admit to not having a tuppence's clue about what other women wear.

Thus the choices you present intrigue me. I think would err on the side of subtlety and femininity with an elegant frame. The cashmere cardigan and lace shoes would win me over.

You sketch well.

The Daily Connoisseur said...

I love all of those shoes! The boots, the Tod's loafers... the lace heel! Divine...

ELS said...

Thank you sooo much for follwong my blog - am completely delighted. My daughter has just said (note the emphasis) reading your blog 'now, SHE has real style.'

Have to say I agree, I clearly must try harder!!


Anoninoz said...

Yet another lovely new series - adore to hear about what they are buying this season! Thank you... Adore the Tods loafers and wish I had the figure (and the bravado!) to wear the gorgeous thigh high boots too....

ELS said...

Tish, you are too kind for words and I, for once, am lost for them.

Let me know if you fancy a life swap though!! My bots are house trained and my dog will lick you to death.

I could put in a few hours assiee sur le trottior!

PS - think I may have implied in the gutter rather than perched chicly at a cafe table...

knitpurl said...

Lucky Rosine finding an LBD with an A-line skirt. Happy to read they even exist!

Bonjour Madame said...

Gosh, and this is the difference isn't it. They have lists that are so specific and spot on, that they only purchase what they need with a little planned indulgence for Edith, but only after her lovely detailed list. I love it! Everything I've heard about how French women shop seems to be true.

I adore this new series.

silk purse said...

Love your blog for a cheeky, revised version of "women of a certain age";A Femme d'un Certain Age!! ~ Thanks for becoming a follower of the plumed Pen blog!

Love your fashion primer on all the little details of not just "following" fashion , but thoughtfully interjecting personal refinements of ones tastes and seasonal updates with wit, grace and fun little gracenotes tossed into the wardrobe for seasonal updates!


Natalia said...

Dear T, you and "they" are an inspired team of fashion muses who dare to go out there and make us all proud! How many seasons have gone by where I have not purchased a treasured item due to being a sissypants?

More than love your posts, they stay with me when I am shopping. How fun to have you with me (sometimes I have my friend Francie in my head when shopping for shoes "Which would she buy?"; now I have you and my french muses alongside as well).

This post will definitely tag along and give me courage.

Shelley said...

I could imagine myself wearing most of these items and can see the good sense behind these purchases. Is it true that they will be getting rid of as many items as they gained? Is there anything to be learned from what they discard? Just an idea...

Marsi said...

A nice mix of wardrobe staples and statement pieces. In the past, I've often bought too many staples and too few statement pieces, a bad habit I'm in the midst of breaking. Having a very pared-down wardrobe really helps toward that end. Those black suede thigh-high boots are really something with a low heel. I'd be happy to accept them into my closet.

I hope you'll tell us in an upcoming installment what you bought this fall, Tish.

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