Friday, October 23, 2009

Dear Cherie

Back from the Big City Cherie is refreshed and ready to get down to business. 

Before we begin, a little merci is in order.  Realizing with a sense of glee and gratitude your heartfelt participation in this earth-shaking, life-changing back-and-forth we're having, Cherie is ever more convinced of the importance of her mission. Of course with Cherie's impeccable credentials where else would one place one's trust about the things that truly matter in this life?

Now, on to your questions -- paraphrased, scrambled and completely off-subject whenever Cherie so desires.

Q: Mme. A: What do you make of grommets and all other "hard-wear" adorning women's garments and accessories? Do you think it's the new bling?

A: Cherie has a confession to make: She cannot honestly answer this question, considering her irrevocable prejudices on the subject. She cannot help but feel hardware belongs in hardware stores and not on women's bodies. Granted, exceptions can be made for studded belts which admittedly can be chic, a smattering on a bag perhaps and maybe a splash on shoes.

Is it the new bling? Let's hope not. Give Cherie sequins and beads any day.

Q: Mme. A (encore): Is there any rocker chic out there for us?

A: Once again, Cherie must demur. What she considers "rocker chic" may not be what you have in mind. Just today she saw a woman in a shiny brown asymmetrically zippered bomber jacket for lack of a better explanation. The woman looked dee-vine and Cherie is not a big leather proponent, but at moments she is capable of being open-minded. (You will see if you agree next Thursday in the "Out and About" series.)

Though Cherie doesn't own one herself, she does approve of and even admires a beautiful black leather pencil skirt. Yves Saint Laurent made it a classic and it can be pumped up into something rock 'n roll or toned down into a classic wear anywhere wardrobe staple.

Q: Mme.M: Are there some absolute "must haves" in every French woman's closet?

A: Why, my dear, I thought you'd never ask. Indeed there are. However, Cherie sees this question as an opportunity to draw-out this response for several weeks to come. . . One thing at a time in other words. 

Let's start with the no woman can ever, ever live without a black cashmere turtleneck sweater. It pays for itself hundreds, maybe thousands of times over if it is well cared for and of good quality. It is as chic with jeans as it is with satin evening pants or the above mentioned black leather skirt.

Q: Mme. KP:  Do French women wear aprons when preparing their remarkable cuisine? 

A: All the women Cherie knows, many of whom are extraordinary hostesses as one would expect from the milieu in which Cherie circulates, would never put their designer duds in jeopardy while stirring a sauce or sauteing a sole. Aprons are de rigueur, but of course whipped off the instant the hostess steps out of her kitchen. She would never be seen in an apron by her guests. (Aprons from French and Floral and French Chef.)

Q: It occurred to me recently that some time ago Cherie prattled on, no pardone moi, talked about seriously applying herself to a regime, or a diet as we say. You mentioned at the time you asked your doctor for a "silver bullet" in the form of a capsule you might swallow to cut your appetite. We're all quite curious about where you are on this journey. Can you enlighten us?

A: Cherie finds this to be a rather intimate and intrusive question, but will nonetheless bite the proverbial bullet the useless doctor refused to prescribe. We are among friends after all. We have no secrets. As you may recall, above mentioned doctor said he had two solutions for dropping les kilos. He said: "The decision and apples." (This doctor is extremely cute, looks like a rock star, but Cherie doesn't like him as much as she once did.)

The apples are in a lovely silver Revere bowl, the decision is pending.  


The Daily Connoisseur said...

I adore Dear Cherie... so right about the black turtleneck! And aprons... I wear one every time I cook- stains on clothing = not chic!

Anoninoz said...

Cherie, Cherie - you have cheered up my Friday evening tout seule!! How I love this series....! And very much looking forward to your series of what French women consider 'Les Essentials dans l'Armoire' too... Bon weekend to you.

knitpurl said...

You have turned a very dreary, rainy Midwestern day into sunshine and laughter, Cherie!

Apples? We need to eat apples to lose weight? Or is your dear doctor suggesting that if one eats them, one won't need to bother him? ("An apple a day...")

I want one of those aprons. Will have to hunt out Chicago's Vogue fabrics for that pretty floral. Nice excuse to travel south for a day.

And dear Cherie, are Frenchwomen comfortable traveling alone within and without the country? Bon weekend to you.

Drea said...

Since you decided not to answer Catherine's question about tights this week, I'm going to throw it back out there because I'm curious about that as well... Am on the hunt for herringbone tights--or any other interesting pattern that won't make my legs looked diseased. What are you seeing over there?

Marsi said...

Whew, I am wearing a black pima cotton turtleneck today. Glad to be more or less chic! (Wore it with my slim black slacks and black Repettos to coffee with a friend. A small Audrey Hepburn moment in the black.) I can't bear wool of any kind on my torso, so I go with the softest cotton I can find.

I'll be having an apple with lunch today. I'm out of salad greens to serve alongside the goat cheese medallions I'm reheating in the oven, and a sliced apple will be perfect. They are so terribly healthy for you!

Aprons are a necessity for me as well, though I don't mind if my guests see me in them. It's off me as soon as I sit down at the table though.

Looking forward to the next item on Cherie's "must have" wardrobe list.

Agree on the grommets, studs, etc. Not my style at all. Doesn't mean I'd turn down a collier du chien from Hermes though. I'd find a way to make it work.

Gypsy Purple said... these posts!!!

Lorrie said...

Chère Cherie...

Such astute answers to my unasked questions. But, oh dear, I can no longer tolerate turtlenecks. Even the thought is likely to bring on a warming trend.
However, hopefully in a few years, I will once again be sporting such a chic garment.

warm in Victoria

Deja Pseu said...

Count me in to the growing numbers looking forward to Cherie's list of essentials.

I am so enjoying this weekly feature!

Design Cracker said...

Captivating and charming! I love your writing! Thank you.
Deb. What a treat. said...

Ooooops, Dear Catherine and Drea,

Cherie is in a state of despair over her little lapse regarding tights -- opaque and otherwise. (Cherie also likes to exaggerate, but that's beside the point.)

Exceptionnellement, as we say over here she will take time out of this exceptionally busy day to respond to your questions today instead of making you wait until next Friday. After all between then and now you could have a foot of snow in Chicago and Cherie would not like to be responsible for any sniffles.

Opaques, definitely: stock-up. Cherie is aware Catherine likes purples Cherie says, go for it, the darker the better forget about mauve and that other color you like so much. . . But you both must always have on hand black, dark gray and then consider VERY carefully the pattern issue. They're tricky. As you point out Drea they can make one's legs looked diseased; they can also make one's legs look huge. Prudence. Think vertical, vertical, vertical.

Oh, yes, red is extremely big this year. That would be fun don't you think?

Good luck to both of you. Cherie would love to hear about your fun finds.

Cherie said...

Oh, thank you all so much. I'm quite fond of Cherie myself, she's sort of like the evil twin -- difficult to control sometimes.

She is absolutely thrilled you are all wearing aprons, they're sort of sexy in a weird way. When they're whipped off after the preparation of a delicious meal all of a sudden a woman turns into a hostess. The transformation is fascinating.


Anonymous said...

Dear Carole,

We all know what the doctor meant by "the decision" I think what he was referring to with the apples was not that we would see each other quite as often -- which would be a shame considering how cute he is -- but they have few calories, loads of good stuff and fill us up, thus cutting a dangerous craving.

He claims he always keeps a couple in his car. said...

Dear Carole,

Once again too fast on the trigger. But I suppose you know anonymous is moi. How did I do that?????

Pug1 said...

Apples do work!!!!!!! I try and eat one or two per day! CHEERS! Michele

Marsi said...

Dear Cherie:

Whom do you consider the most important designers of the last century, and what one piece from their respective bodies of work would you like to own?

Can you recommend a great bag for a working woman to carry her lunch, high heels, and a few files in, but which will not break la banque ($300 or less)?

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