Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Week Ahead or La Semaine Prochain

On The Calendar for Next Week:

Lundi: TOP 10: Foods I Never Eat In France

Mardi: Interview

Mercredi:  Virtual Shopping: Second Chapter, Second Version

Jeudi:  Babette + Out & About (Sort of iffy at the moment, but by Thursday all will work out.)

Vendredi: "Dear Cherie" 

Samedi: Deco Surprise (Hint: French twist on blackboards -- yes, like in school blackboards.)

Dimanche: Next Week's Line-Up


Marsi said...

Dear Cherie:

What are the do's and don'ts of combining gold and silver jewelry? Or is it best not to at all?

Lorrie said...

Bonjour Tish,

Thanks for visiting my blog. About the lavender - there are definitely different varieties, but I can't tell you what mine is, nor why it's so purple.
I think fall rains will begin here soon, which is why I picked my lavender yesterday. And if the rains don't begin the hot sun will dry the lavender and fade it on the stem.
Your week's lineup looks interesting. I just hung a chalkboard in my kitchen yesterday!


vicki archer said...

Looking forward to this week Tish...I hope you are enjoying the weekend, xv. said...

Dear Marsi,

Is this urgent or can Cherie answer this Friday?

She has some very definite views on the subject btw.
(Not that you would think otherwise of course.) said...

Lorrie, I'm cutting tomorrow morning. I should have done it today, but Edith and I were working on "Virtual Shopping" plus another little surprise.

Since I admit practically everything in this space -- I didn't know there were different varieties of lavender. Or I guess I never really thought about it. I still say yours are prettier, but then again we had no rain this summer.

Marsi said...

Answer it Friday, of course, Cherie!

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It looks like you have a busy day ahead. I can’t wait to know the outcome of your day.

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Busy girl! I just love to do lists and check lists. Well good luck on your day ahead.

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