Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Virtual Shopping: The Game Is On. . .

Who needs money when we've got ideas. Right?  

Our dress-up game (see detailed explanation in September 9th post) builds on our capital, i.e. what we already own and may or may not wear.

Bref (in brief), this is how the game is played: 

1.) I choose a designer fall/winter collection every week.

2.) Together, Edith and I choose one item from the offerings for day; one for evening. 

3.) Cardinal rule one and only one item. (OK: two, total. . .)

3.) We then head back to our closets and figure out several ways to apply what we just "bought" with what we find within, i.e. making our previous investments produce more dividends.

4.) We both choose according to our figures and what we would truly buy "if only. . ."

5.) My premise is also based on the assumption a Frenchwoman and an American woman would tend to choose different pieces, although we had a little skirmish over my red jacket. After I explained my wardrobe is based on black on black on black she finally let me have it. Her wardrobe is built on color(!!!)

5.) We shopped Louis Vuitton.

This is what we're wearing this fall -- virtually, that is.

From the top: Edith removed the hardware-laden jacket from the poof thingie below and zipped it up over her green plaid skirt and green silk blouse. (She loves green, as I mentioned.)

Here is MY red jacket from the collection, once again teamed-up with my black cashmere T-shirt, black gab skirt, Wolford tights and black boots. (I made the red ceramic fat-beaded necklaces, that is to say I bought the beads and strung them myself. For someone who is not artsy/craftsy in any way I'm very proud. You can think what you like.)

For evening Edith chose a girly, confetti print, ruffly skirt and put her red (see she already has a red jacket, she didn't need to take mine) silk crepe jacket over it, adding a belt to make the ensemble even more of the moment.

I chose a la-dee-da jacket with bright pink peeping out on the edge of the peplum and put it over my large black satin evening pants. I'm still not sure I made the right decision. It's a little scary for me to have a lot going on in that area of my body. I think I was unduly influenced. . .
On the bright side, that's another advantage of virtual shopping. I don't have to deal with unpleasant chi-chi shop girls in a designer boutique when I decide to return it.

Next week the game continues, but with a twist which should make it even more fun.

Are you excited or what?


Marsi said...

I think the LV jacket with the flounce at the collar is fabulous; great choice. Love hearing about your DIY (do it yourself) bead necklace. I've done that too. In fact, I've been loving the Lanvin beads with ribbon ties, so I took a couple of necklaces that I bought in France a few years ago, removed the chain ends and clasps, and strung through some double-faced satin ribbons. Now they are both at the length I prefer and look so pretty.

The red ring on Edith's hand is such an Edith touch -- like the red toenails and the cute footless shoes. Can't wait to find out what next week's twist on the game is.

knitpurl said...

Keep going with the artsy/craftsy items. They are such a $$$/euro saver and one feels good at accomplishing something, right? (Remember it's keeping us out of the food.)

Being of the pear-shaped body type, I would have hesitated at the ruffled jacket with pink peaking out. However, it is only a touch of pink to my eyes, very attractive, very au courant. Needed your inspiration today to maybe pick up my knitting again and look, really look, at my closet contents.

Deja Pseu said...

Love these! The illustrations are so inspiring. I'd also take that red jacket in a heartbeat...such simple lines and a lovely color. I can see that it would dress up or down with easy.

I like this game! :-D

Deja Pseu said...

easy = "ease"

Typing too fast in my excitement!

Bonjour Madame said...

LOVE! I like both the collection photos and the sketches. It's fantastic to see it interpreted into something you can picture yourself in.

I'm just now getting back into town and catching up on you posts!

Karyn Bernard (French Charming) said...

Fabulous post! Love your dress up game and the outfit with the thigh high boots is divine!

Anoninoz said...

Yes I am definitely excited.... love this game and think all the outfits look fabulous especially the jacket that Edith put with her green skirt - what would I give for that! said...


That red ring is my engagement ring.

The red toenails were for you. said...


I think, ever so slowly I shall start to dabble in DYI projects. My necklaces were a HUGE leap of faith on my part. Next when someone casts-me-on someone will get a scarf one day. said...


Yes, can you imagine Edith tried to take that jacket away from me?

Only a woman with a green plaid skirt in her closet would be so mean. said...

Oh, Stephanie, I've missed you. Hope whatever you did, wherever you went was something you wanted to do.

I love this game. I'm soooo glad you do too. said...


Do you like green? Edith is mad about it. It terrifies me, except emeralds of course. said...

Oh, Karyn,

Thank you for your visit. How exciting you would consider wearing those boots. What a sense of la joie de vivre you have.

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