Monday, September 28, 2009

TOP 10: French Foods I Don't Eat

You may be thinking: "It's a cultural thing, she's hasn't been raised eating offal and doesn't realize when prepared by a grand French chef how delicious it can be."

On the first point you may be right. On the second I beg to differ. Some of these foods make me retch and then when I think about where they've been before they reached my plate, I'm sorry, I just can't do it.

A third consideration is no doubt flitting through your cervelle at this moment, the one about good manners, etiquette and all that. In this respect when invited chez un ami, one learns to be clever and creative. If said friend owns a dog, I'm normally home-free. Cats are less reliable. At one dinner party I exchanged the gesiers in my salade de gesiers for the lettuce in my charming neighbor's salad; otherwise I try to find something into which I can insert the offending offal -- bread, a vegetable, anything --  and take it like a pill with a large gulp of wine. I never finish, but at least I never insult my hostess. 

Some of these things even My-Reason-For-Living-In-France won't touch.

Without further ado, the list. . .

TOP 10: French Foods I Don't Eat

1.) Boudin Noir

2.) Ris de Veau (The first time I came to France, long before living here, I ordered this in a restaurant thinking: "Hmmm, 'ris' -- must be rice of some sort, that looks safe. . .)

3.) Tripes de Caen

4.) Rognons

5.) Sanglier

6.) Lapin (Easter Bunny)

7.) Cervelle

8.) Andouille

9.) Tete de Veau

10.) Marrons Glacé -- in any form. (I can't stand the texture or the taste.)

(Now, I'm off to the big city to meet a friend for chocolat chaud chez Angelina. I never say no to chocolat chaud.)


Marsi said...

I could've written this post. Yuck. There's a reason that "offal" sounds just like "awful," no?

My mother was in Weight Watchers in the early '70s when I was a little kid, and calf's liver was kind of a big deal on our menu as a result. There were many forced feedings of this filter organ upon my person, and to this day, no matter how perfectly and exquisitely prepared, liver in any form will make me retch. "Fava beans and a nice Chianti"? Yes, please. Liver? No way. You and I would make a lousy couple of Hannibal Lectors, Tish.

Deja Pseu said...

I'll have to look some of these up, but I do love my lapin (helped growing up to have cousins who hunt and I developed a great appreciation for game). I don't care for liver, unless it's in foie gras form, though I did recently try sweetbreads (at our local French brasserie) and liked them. Tripe, it's the texture that gets one of those dish sponges with a scrubber on one side. I'm planning to try some boudin noir soon, again at the local brasserie. I can't imagine anything that would get me to try kidneys.

Lisa said...

Didn't know what a couple of these were so I checked it out online. How anyone can eat Tete de Veau is beyond my comprehension. Just the description of it is disgusting.

Bonjour Madame said...

I've seen cajuns make boudin noir and it was not pretty. I saw tripe on the food network recently and um, no thanks to that either.

Marsi, you are so funny!

beansgood said...

Is it not acceptable in France to say you're a vegetarian or that you have certain allergies to those foods (hee, hee)? I know that I would completely accept that if I had dinner guests. But, of course, you'd have to only pass that information along to the hosts who don't know and pray that other guests who know will not expose you. I like the dog approach. They're always happy to help.

As for me, I will eat all but brains and tripe (there's something so not right about eating brains). I like liver, steak & kidney pie, LOVE rabbit... hesitant about the sweetbreads as I've not tried them. I've eaten blood sausage before but not so interested in it now. One time, I had some fish with the heads still on and ate something very nasty tasting even though I was being very careful. I think they were smelts. YUK! No heads on my plate or in my belly, thank you.

Furniture removals Melbourne said...

Aw! Chocolate oh! I just love it. I could eat a whole bunch and keep the rest for myself. That’s how greedy I’ am when it comes to chocolates.

Christchurch Jobs said...

I haven’t tasted French cuisines yet, but thanks for the critic. I sure will bear this in mind in case I’ll get the chance to dine in a French restaurant.

My Carolina Kitchen said...

I totally agree with no tripe but I respectively disagree about the ris de veau and lapin. We couldn't get enough of the ris de veau in a rich cream sauce that we found at the boucherie in St. Remy when we were there. During our stay we asked our favorite bistro if they would make lapin and they did - twice with moutarde and it was fabulous. Guess we love some of the old French classics.

I think sometimes it's best to enjoy the taste and not ask too much about where it came from. On that same trip to Provence a French friend took us to a tiny bistro where he recommended the bull. Never being shy about food I gave it a try. It was sort of tough but okay. But I had to try it and I'm glad I did.

knitpurl said...

I'm getting an English/French dictionary. Thanks to those of you responding, I get the gist of the various foods, most of which I would also not eat.

FB @ said...

I already replied on another blog, but I'd pretty much eat/try it all it all except Lapin, Tete de Veau and Cerveau

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