Saturday, September 12, 2009

Prunes, The Real Thing

Instead of prattling on about "prune" being the season's hot color as I did a few months ago, simultaneously pointing out that prunes for "them" are plums for "us," but never mind. 

The basket on table in our gazebo (back to that in a moment) is just one of the dozens of heaping baskets of the hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of plums our sweet little four-year-old tree offered up this year.

This afternoon I'm planning on making a compote with as many as I can get into my huge pot and later watch a friend make a tart with my delivery chez elle. (I'm eating one as I type this -- a plum, not a tart. . .)

The other shot is a very bad picture of the gazebo -- it's much prettier than it looks here, the wood is a lovely, natural gray/blue. I'll take a better one another time, but just wanted you to have a glimpse of it because it's the best present I've every received.

I' had been dreaming about it forever and a few years ago when I was working in New York for three months my Reason-for-Living-in-France designed and had it made for me as a surprise birthday present.  It's an octagon, features electricity, canvas shades when needed and makes me happy every day, even in the winter when I look out the window.  But he didn't stop there he also had a huge round piece of heavy plywood cut to put on the table when we have big dinner parties. To camouflage the offending circle I had a tablecloth made in a heavy beige linen that gently breaks as it hits the floor.

A demain with the next week's line-up.


Bonjour Madame said...

So lovely that he built this for you! What a perfect place for dinner parties. The trees in your yard are stunning in color.

Marsi said...

That is SO beautiful. Your husband is a peach.

Drea said...

Love these photos. Makes me homesick.

knitpurl said...

What a dream to be living.

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