Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Lessons in Sharing. . .

I promised an interview. I think this is what might be graciously described as a "compromise" although it is an interview of sorts.

Back I went to Cristel to have her choose a few more pieces or ensembles from her menswear boutique that would look equally stylish -- if not more so -- on women. 

You can see her profile above (she said she would never let me take her picture, but allowed this glimpse) fondling a tweedy, plaid jacket with a cotton/silk blend long sleeve T-shirt beneath. She decided at that moment it will be incorporated into her fall wardrobe. 

In fact, she said everything she chose she plans on wearing at some point. 

Her favorites include: a charcoal gray pea coat; a hefty, nubby three-button pullover; a sleek gray V-neck cardigan ribbed in navy (verrrry French ready-to-wear femme for fall and winter as you know); a simple, chic navy classic jacket -- except it's in velvet -- over a crisp, traditional men's white shirt; a snappy argyle V-neck to add punch to gray, navy and just about anything else, jeans included and the beautiful Cristel with her new jacket.

As you are no doubt aware, menswear tends to be better made than women's wear often with richer materials and lower prices and if you're especially lucky the boys' wear departments, i.e. you're the right size, are a fantastic option for fashion finds.


Cat said...

love this look and the tip to look in another department!

I tried leaving you a comment from the QuiteSimplyMe but it would not and not sure why. Computers! Love 'em and yet hate 'em! ;) My blog (linked below or above or however blogger places them) might give a better explanation.

I have come out of the closet so-to-speak and all because of one very simple and wonderfully written note to me. It made me realize just how important it is to write about what you love and to remember why you are doing it and who you are doing it for.

There are a lot of us out there looking for direction and help and tips and even though there are a gazillion blogs out there writing about the same thing - it becomes more personal. I'm not sure I explained that very well. I guess there are a lot of people who write and make things appear to be one way when they are not and you end up with many feeling inadequate or...struggle to keep up with others. I try to keep things real, writing about my warts and all! ;)

I have friends coming to stay with us this week from Australia. They came here last year and loved the area and decided to make another trip back here. I will be sure to share pictures.

xo Cat

knitpurl said...

Note to Cat: You've reached the right blog. Tish is awesome!!

Cristel is so pretty, I'm glad we have a glimpse of her. The clothes look like perfect additions to anyone's wardrobe in all price lines.

Have to finish my housecleaning so can go out and play -- and find some of these jackets and sweaters for myself.

Thanks Tish -- a winner here!!!

Marsi said...

Cristel is gorgeous. I am not the jealous type, but must admit that I envy that you're surrounded by so many women who're doing the most with what they have. It makes people-watching in a cafe such an inspirational activity. You can't help but get great ideas, just by looking at what other women are doing. It's one of the sadder things about American women: so many just give up, and it doesn't affect just them, but their families, too -- and even strangers.

Shelley said...

I'm really enjoying your blog. Thanks very much for writing it.

I like the idea of using men's clothing; I think the plainer lines suit me better than fussy frilly stuff. However, being petite (narrow shouldered and short) this would need to be from the boys' department and not being thin, this might be more of a challenge than in the past. Will keep in mind, however.

My immediate goal is to get back to my old running routine and to sharpen my sewing skills so I can cut down nice fabrics into wearable clothing. Both BIG projects!

Keep up the great work!

Jacqueline said...

Hi there...many thanks for your lovely comment and for following me.
I have always loved fashion. Being a girl of the '60's it was compulsory !!!! I try to look my best for my age and I know my own style. I don't like fussy clothes and I think, after reading your post, I will go over to the men's department and have a look. I have terrible trouble getting jeans to fit. I'm reasonably slim, but have slim hips and not much waist, so androgynous, and someone told me to try mens jeans, so that's my new mission. ...and I love the big jacket. I think that would look really good. XXXX

Kristi said...

I'm intrigued by her blouse ... my latest obsession is feminine blouses with unique touches, such as those worn by Audrey Tatou in Priceless and the fabulous black blouse worn by Julie Delpy in Before Sunset.

knitpurl said...

Amen, Marsi, you've written a perfect response so many of us need to be reminded of often.

tishjett@yahoo.com said...

Thank you, Cat. I'm glad you're out and I hope things are better in all ways.

I don't think I've ever met a woman -- French or otherwise -- who wasn't waaaay too hard on herself. Usually these women have no idea how wonderful they are. Sometimes I wonder what's wrong with us.

Yes, keep us au courant.

All the best,

tishjett@yahoo.com said...

Carole, you are a sweetheart. Thank you.

Cristal is not only beautiful, she is kind and very, very funny.

tishjett@yahoo.com said...


I know, but here we go again, she doesn't realize how beautiful she is. Sometimes I sit in her boutique and just talk with her. She's a breath of fresh air.

Btw she wears Elixir and it's divine on her.

I'll tell her what you said.

tishjett@yahoo.com said...


Thank you for your visit.

Cristal has a similar figure to yours and often adds a menswear jacket to a pair of slim jeans or a straight, short skirt, opaque tights and boots. She has fabulous style.

Lucky you, no hips.

tishjett@yahoo.com said...

Dear Shelley,

Thank you for your visit. I don't run, I do aqua gym and I've been slacking lately. I have to get back to it. I love it really, but life is all about discipline.

I wish I knew how to sew.

tishjett@yahoo.com said...

Hi Kristi,

If you're referring to the blouse Cristal is wearing, I asked her the same question. She bought it at H&M.

It's very pretty and quite feminine/sexy. Alas, we'll never find it.

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