Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Fabulous Fall Fashion Freebies (Presque. . .)

After scouring the collections -- "because we're worth it" (ahem) -- I've found a few more tiny touches that will once again announce to our public we are fashion savvy, elegant and know how to make the most out of the least. 

I take particular pleasure from pulling classics out of my closet: black gab trousers, gray flannel trousers, black skirt, gray skirt, black jacket, navy blazer, gray flannel jacket, etc. and like magic turn them into the latest and the greatest. 

I would like to mention in passing if any of the above mentioned items are not in your wardrobe -- in whatever shapes work best for your figure, I'm not a dictator after all -- it's time to start collecting. These pieces and a few others we'll be discussing in the weeks and months to come will loyally serve you for the rest of your life. Buy them with care, which is to say look at your body from all directions in the mirror, spend the most you can afford and treat them with respect. They'll pay you back a hundred times over. And I'll prove it to you.

Edith has drawn all the ideas so you can see how appealing they are. It's almost like creating something spectacular out of nothing. I'm giddy with delight.

From the top:

1.) Same black straight skirt, beige blouse (or sweater) and opaque hose from last week. Note the difference: two super large necklaces layered one on top of the other. Talk about cheap chic.

This time we added boots to the ensemble. The necklace layering is in at least two or three major collections, but remember keep them as big as possible.

2.) A classic gray flannel suit. The difference? The frilly, pale lilac blouse which feminizes the strict lines of the separates. (Aren't the toenails cute?) This is the color in the collection, but you choose your favorite, it's not the color that counts in this instance. 

You could even venture into ultra-chic-dom with one of the many silvery dove gray blouses out there this season. And remember gray is HUGE this fall in practically every collection and I assume you own at least one pair of gray pants. Am I right? If you don't have a skirt now's the time and the jacket that goes with it if you find one you like. 

3.) The black skirt again, this time with it's jacket, opaque hose of course and the two fall/winter details that change everything: the belt and the way the scarf is tied -- both seen in repetition throughout several collections.

4.) This time the black pants that match the jacket dressed up for cocktails or dinner with a big, no make that "huge" red flower -- seen in three collections -- and a belt around the jacket. You don't want to wear a red belt for figure reasons? Black will do the trick.  

If, just for fun, you can find some red clip on something-or-other for your shoes; just do it.


Marsi said...

I bought a perfect new pair of black slacks yesterday, which I plan to wear to lunch today with some friends. This post is ever so timely.

I'm loving the boatneck top with the H-U-G-E necklaces.

(And hello, Edith!)

knitpurl said...

Timely and full of ideas... as soon as I decide which household mess to work on first, work on it, and then without guilt devote fun hours to my wardrobe. Maybe this is my conversion year from jeans to more gab in my closet. I suppose one can reach a magical age where "jeans and heels" are passe.

Deja Pseu said...

Lovely ideas! I'm especially delighted to see one of my favorite ways to wear scarves which really shows off the color and patterns. said...

Marsi: Always on the cutting edge.

Yes, C, in my opinion I think you'll be happier with gab. As I've said before, Landsend makes perfect flannel and gab pants in several different styles, i.e. pleats or not, narrow, straight, etc. and they hem or cuff for free. They look just as expensive as designer classics. I promise.

Dear D.P., As I have mentioned before you ARE the scarf diva.

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