Monday, August 17, 2009

TOP 10: Les Chemises Blanches

That's precisely the way I feel about white blouses, shirts, t-shirts. . .  You get the picture.

Don't tell me you're thinking: She's been there and done that? Surely not.

In this singular item of design perfection we have a fashion/non-fashion/never-out-of-fashion/ageless can't live without, can't get enough masterpiece. 

We're back on subject and I can assure you we'll be revisiting this territory again and probably
again and again.

No woman can ever, repeat, ever own too many white blouses. Note Carolina Herrera at the close of her collection wearing what has practically become her signature: A simple, beautifully tailored white shirt. She often pairs it with grand ball skirts and never fails to look sleekly elegant in contrast to the sea of trying-to-hard frou-frou frocks flitting about in front of the cameras. 

If you closely examine Audrey Hepburn's shirt, you'll see she has wrapped it around her lithe body, putting her personal stamp on the classic. No need to waste time with buttons -- wrap and go. (The picture is from "Audrey Style" by Pamela Clarke Keogh, but I regret to say I do not know who took the marvelous photo.)

Et voila: A few of my favorites:

The TOP 10 Chemises Blanches:

From the top:  Michael Kors, Antonio Marras, Stella McCartney, Giles, Chloe, Yves Saint Laurent (twice), Chanel and the final two from Brioni. 

Ed Note: Consider this post as a Look Book. White blouses and shirts are everywhere at every price point. Seek and you shall find.


erina said...

You know, Tish, I always read your white shirt odes with two minds; all of your examples are lovely, with Audrey my favorite bien sur. I totally get the effortless chic of its simplicity and classicism, but, do you think it's possible that there are some women, (thinking of myself!), who just don't wear it well? I think white isn't right for my coloring; it seems to wear me, and make my teeth and eyes look so dingy. Think I'll just admire from afar!

Marsi said...

My all-time favorite white shirt is Sharon Stone's pairing of a lavender Vera Wang skirt with her husband's crisp white shirt, which she anchored with a jeweled pin.

To. Die. For.


Deja Pseu said...

I don't do well with "crisp" white blouses, but am on the lookout for one in a silk or other fabric that drapes a bit more. I'm optimistic that I'll find a version that works for me this year.

tish jett said...

Oh, Erina, hmmmm. . . pale, pale beige, nude, etc.

I need to work on this one. I truly always thought everyone, no matter what color her skin and general coloring could wear white.

Oh, well look at all the other colors you have to choose from.

tish jett said...

Marsi, cherie, I already put the picture of Sharon Stone in that famous picture in my first post on white blouses. It's there someplace even though I couldn't find it.

Yes: To-Die-For.

tish jett said...

Deja Pseu,

I've got two words for you: October, Monoprix.

Bonjour Madame said...

Carolina wears it well. I think she is so pretty and chic. A lot of people rave about Anne Fontaine's blouses but I've never seen one up close.

Deja Pseu said...

Monoprix?? Vraiment??

tish jett said...

They are beautiful, Stephanie. I included two of them in the long ago post I did on white blouses so didn't include her this time.

When you're in Paris next year you can pop into her shop on Faubourg Saint Honore.

tish jett said...

Eh, oui. C'est vrai.

Monoprix always has a few white blouses -- you may or may not like them of course, but the beauty of them is you won't see yourself in the States.

Catherine said...

Ever since working as a caterer, I've felt like a waiter in black pants and a white shirt...then again, the catering outfits never looked quite this good. How about an ivory shirt if white doesn't work?

Catherine said...

Ever since working as a caterer, I've felt like a waiter in black pants and a white shirt...then again, the catering outfits never looked quite this good. How about an ivory shirt if white doesn't work?

Grace @ Sense and Simplicity said...

I just found your blog and am enjoying it immensely. I'm working my way back through the archives.

I just thought you might like to know about the Audrey Hepburn photo. It was taken by Philippe Halsman, who did a series of 'jump' photos in the 1950s. He would ask everyone to jump at the end of his photo-shoot with them and has published 'jump' photos of many famous people, such as Grace Kelly, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, Marilyn Monroe etc. You can google more images - they are very interesting.

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