Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Last of The Vanities

Welcome to my work station. You are now looking at -- day and night versions -- of where I do the best I can with what natural resources I have left enhanced by hope and a few fetish products I believe make a difference. 

A window above provides natural light and all the bulbs around the large mirror make me feel as if I'm about to go on stage. Before you make any assumptions: The smaller, round mirror on the stand is NOT of the the magnifying type. I just pull it up as close to my face as possible barely allowing enough space for my beauty utensils to fulfill their functions and that's it. If I miss anything, I can't see it. There are a lot of pluses to near-sightedness one doesn't fully appreciate until reaching a certain age. I NEVER want to see my face magnified. Why would anyone want to start her day in a state of depression?

In your two previous weekend cadeaux you saw my non-functioning dressing tables, or at least not functioning as dressing tables. In their past lives they surely did; I hope with beautiful French ladies perfumed, powdered and rouged wearing sumptuous taffeta gowns, velvet capes and glittering bijoux.

This one was designed and commissioned by my reason-for-living-in-France and as he would point out if you were standing next to him: "Note the rounded corner of the wood."

It's modern, functional and a different kind of beautiful. I can splash and spill to my heart's content never causing any irreparable (or at the very least expensive) damage to a precious antique.

While I was clicking away I decided to take a picture of my can't live without face-savers. Then, suddenly I realized I forgot my BioDerma. Of course I had to stop everything, run up-stairs and snap it. Thought maybe you might like to see these little treasures. Yes, I know I've talked about them almost as much as creoles, but still. . . 

Did you notice I set mine out to give you concrete proof I wear them every day? Look closely.

Have a wonderful, wonderful weekend. 

Tomorrow I'll tell you what's coming up next week. Is that exciting or what. . .?


Kristi said...

Oh, I see you share my love for my signature perfume -- Opium!

Kristi said...

OH and there are your creole earrings, as well!

Deja Pseu said...

How lovely. You have me longing to find a vanity for an empty corner of our bedroom.

Bonjour Madame said...

I like it a lot, Tish. What a perfect place to do all those things we women get to do. I find spending time at my vanity is relaxing and a bit of a ritual for me. I enjoy it. I really love your vase with lavender.

knitpurl said...

Beautiful vanity; laughing over your comments on near-sightedness since I am far-sighted (which does change things on the magnifying mirror idea or non-idea).

Creoles still reign!
-C. said...

This vanity is tucked into/actually built into a tiny corner in my bathroom. I do love it.

Thank you all for finding it appealing as well.

Kristi, I have written two comments on your blog and as I'm sure I've mentioned before I'm a tech-twit, but they never appear. Am I not waiting long enough or what? On occasion I wear Opium in the evenings and I love it on other women. It's a gorgeous fragrance. My "signature" fragrance is Parfum Hermes, but since I've worn it for so many years I can't smell it on myself and probably spritz on way too much. Just bought a bottle of Elixir and have re-fallen in love with it.

Merci, Stephanie, I agree. I love to take as much time as possible getting ready to go out (not in the morning mind you if I have an appointment) a luxuriate in being a girl.

Carole, do you have a magnifying mirror?

Marsi said...

Tish, I love it. It's very cosmopolitan. I recognized the Opium and Hermes, but what are your other perfumes? Love the pink silk robe; it's the perfect match for your coloring (if I can assume that you are the blonde in one of the photos in your earlier vanity piece?). said...

Yes, you can assume I'm blonde and that you saw me in the picture. How do you blow-up a picture on a blog?

I'm so glad you like it. Two bottles of Hermes perfume: Parfum Hermes and Caleche and the other one is the one you love, Elixir. I'm taking a Parfum break with Elixir and I don't really like Caleche on me, but the bottle looks nice with the rest.

Kristi said...

I'm sorry your comments haven't appeared. I will talk to my tech savvie brother and figure out what's going on. I love reading your blog and the drawings are so beautiful! (ps I did get that one comment from you about my black skirt, though ... )

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