Friday, August 21, 2009

It's All About Moi. . .

To my surprise -- ok, stupor -- and delight, Deja Pseu author of the delightful blog, Une Femme d'Une Certain Age nominated, or I guess the word is "tagged" me for The Premium Meme Award for blogs with personality. Here's the catch: I now have to tell you seven traits of my personality evidenced therein.

This is slippery slope territory, one has to be bold, yet modest -- no easy feat. ( I should put dashes and parentheses as part of my personality along with exclamation points and question marks, but they don't seem to gel as a character trait and require too many explanations and dashes; oh, yes and dot, dot, dots. . .)

Alrighty then, here we go (the spell check told me to say "Almighty then"):

1.) Sense of humor and a sense of irony: I find if there is not a funny side to a situation, there's usually an ironic angle lurking somewhere in the vicinity.

2.) Imagination: I'm constantly getting lost in my daydreams, fantasies and ideas for this and that including this blog. Amazingly I've even been accused of not paying attention when people talk to me because I'm "someplace else." I would retort -- in my head of course, because I hate being rude --  "if you were saying something scintillating you can be sure I'd be in red alert listening mode."

3.) Curious: This trait probably comes out in all the unscientific surveys I conduct. I love discovering everything I can about people: what they think about all sorts of subjects; what they're passionate about; what they do; who and what they love (my mother always told me one can love people and animals, but not things; I know, but you know what I mean); what they eat and, of course, most important of all, what they wear. 

Call me superficial if you will, but life deals out enough profound situations without searching them out by choice.

4.) Hopeful: Most situations turn out for the best. At least I hope they do. 

5.) Uncomplicated: In English this might translate as "stupid," but as you can well imagine I prefer the French translation of one who likes to keep life simple, easy and open to new experiences and encounters.

6.) Monkey brain: It was once explained to me that the aforementioned condition results in beginning a thought on one subject and jumping all over the place with other ideas as they are triggered by the one/ones you haven't even had time to express. I prefer to refer to this condition as asides, detours, qualifiers and digressions. And I know it drives some people nuts. For that I am deeply sorry.

7.) Enthusiastic: I've been living in France for two decades and every time I go into Paris I get excited. I love dinner parties; getting dressed-up; hearing the enthusiasm in my husband's voice when he says hello to me every morning; my dogs' tails wagging in pleasure when they see me; a telephone call from my daughter; and writing this blog.

It is now my turn to "tag" blogs with great personalities, some I would have named have already been hit. Since I don't know the rules of the exercise maybe I'm not allowed to do a double tag (?) Two of my favorites with more to come: And That Reminds Me and 


Tee said...

Oh my goodness, that's me! You are so sweet! Is there a time limit? I can't possibly come up with anything as good as yours. Can I copy the monkey brain thing? I'm one too. Oh, the pressure!!

Bonjour Madame said...

I love your responses and your blog is such a joy to visit because of your personality. I say we tag Marsi who I am officially gently nudging to start a blog because I would like to read it. :)

tishjett said...


I'm doing the same thing. And yes, let's: pressure, pressure, pressure. I love it.

Thank you, my dear.

tishjett said...

Yes, Tee, you're tagged. I think there is no pressure and no deadlines.

Another money-brainer. I'm never sure whether it's a blessing or the beginning of some serious derangement.

Yes, my cadeau -- take the money brain and run with it.

Deja Pseu said...

Tish, this was a delight to read! Thanks so much for participating. It's good to get to "know" you a bit better.

Marsi said...

Oh, dear. I'm behind on my blog commenting this week. Many mercis to Stephanie and Tish and knitpurl for the compliments! I think I could come up with blog postings of my own for one week and then would run out of gas.


"Call me superficial if you will, but life deals out enough profound situations without searching them out by choice."

I LOVED. It's so true. Misery has a way of finding all of us. We don't get what we want, we lose what we had, we get left behind (one way or another) by people we love and can't imagine living without, et cetera. It's easy to be sad, consequently. It's much harder to look for, and find, the good and happy, and then enjoy it. But ever so much more rewarding.

And your bit about finding humor reminds me of a favorite quotation by Horace Walpole: "Life is a comedy for those who think and a tragedy for those who feel." I think there's a thread of comedy in everything. Maybe that's why I get such a kick out of the nudge and wink that's so inherent in your writing, Tish. It's lighthearted and winks, "We don't have to be so serious here, do we?"

;o) said...

Oh, my dear Marsi,

I just found your lovely comment. As always a day without you is like a day without sunshine. Truly.


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