Friday, August 14, 2009

All Aboard: Old Business, Loose Ends And A Soupçon of Trivia

In re-reading that headline I realize how tantalizing it is, surely making one want to rush right in to see what nonsense is on the assiette today.

Without delay then. . . 

Under the category "you never know/just in case" this week Nadine (de Rothschild) offers some pertinent advice in "Figaro Madame" for those of us who may be invited on a friend's yacht. (First a qualifier, she thinks yachts are nouveau and sail boats -- I can only assume in 
a reasonably impressive size -- are in much better taste.)  

Honestly, who is going to say: "Non, merci je préfère les voiliers" if we're unlucky enough to have a few nouveau riche friends with yachts? 

If we're forced to board these vessels she tells us to take off our shoes -- dah -- or to wear appropriate footwear. I would like to intercede here and suggest this would be a perfect opportunity to don your new marinaière t-shirt, I also see no reason not to wear your creoles after all pirates wore them on board their sail boats.  

If perchance we're invited for lunch she cautions, it's in the worst of taste to leave a tip for the personnel -- double dah-- but if we are unfortunate enough to be included in a little voyage where the boat actually leaves port for one or more days at sea one should give something to those who have served us. (Not our nouveau riche friends of course. That in my opinion would be extremely unseemly, but might assure one never has to make the supreme compromise of accepting an invitation in the future.)

Remember those green pants a few posts back (drawn by Edith) and all the fun, creative ways we could wear them? Well imagine my surprise when I discovered Karl Lagerfeld has included a pair in his Chanel fall/winter ready-to-wear collection. The color is sort of like the cucumber juice Edith makes in her machine from the over-abundance of cukes from my potager. We drink it out of pretty wine glasses while we collaborate for your entertainment all the while assuring one another "it doesn't taste that bad."

I realize I should be talking about fall -- and all of you probably have your Vogues, etc. in hand -- but I thought I would wait until at least August 15 so we can enjoy the last days of summer and if we're lucky Indian summer. 

One thing I would like to mention or should I say reiterate: Leopard continues through the fall and winter. I recommend at the very least: Get a scarf and call it a day. Enough already. I'm sick of it, I don't know about you. (But I do have a scarf.)

For any of you who might have the good luck to be in Paris before the 30th of September it would be unthinkable not to visit the exposition "Au Féminin, Women Photographing Women" at the Centre Culturel Calouste-Gulbenkian.*

I've heard it's fantastic. I intend to find out for myself and report back. It features the work of 100 photographers from around the world from 1850 to today. Pictured here is a teaser: Dora Maar's "Portrait d'Une Femme;" Wynn Richards' "Before & After" and Rita Barros' "Last Cigarette."

On the Old Business front: I've finally managed to whip my subjects into shape and make them feel guilty about not getting back to me vacances or no vacances.  Tuesday you will be treated to -- and definitely surprised by -- Part II of "What Do THEY Think of Us?" (Just one more interview to go this weekend.)

*(51, avenue d'Iéna, Paris 16th, until Sept. 29.)


Marsi said...

Oh, Nadine. Whatever would I do without your useful wisdom? Probably die of mortification for ignoring celebrities and slipping cash to all of my swell friends as I deboard their motorboats.


It is to laugh.

I like Karl's slacks. Interesting shade of green, too.

I wonder if cuke juice would make a decent sorbet for cleansing the palate?

I have "leopard scarf" on my Wardrobe Must-Buy list in my handbag. I've seen plenty, but none that I like terribly well. I love the black edging on the one you pictured. I would have no trouble wearing that one.

That last photo, of the woman smoking, is something. Nice one!

Bonjour Madame said...

I just adore Chanel. I don't have my fall magazines yet. I plan on getting them this weekend and then very slowly savoring them. I don't have a leopard scarf and I want one.

I am really looking forward to the next installment of interview responses.

knitpurl said...

Edith and you are very brave to drink cucumber juice (oodles of healthy vitamins though), will check B&N to see if Vogue is out, love the teal-y green of Karl's slacks.

The boating references were au courant. My husband's friends usually bring some form of "payment" onboard his sailboat for the owner/crew -- liquid refreshment made from barley and malt. LOL

tish jett said...

Honestly, Marsi, you're right. You gotta love her. I really, really should try to get an interview with her. She can be very witty and a tad risque at times.

I am not a green person and as much as I love Karl, and you all know this, I do not like those pants. They really do look like cuke juice.

tish jett said...


Edith and I have next week up and running, but after that we'll probably have to start thinking about fall.

I think I'll do another little survey asking French women the three to five things they plan to buy for the new season.

tish jett said...


So funny. What better way to tip your mates?

Edith is a health freak and since she has the same body she had when she was in her 20s, she's obviously doing something right so I just do whatever she does. I'm easy...

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