Friday, July 31, 2009

Meet Brigitte

Brigitte is not an amie intime as we say, but a casual friend I always enjoy seeing. And when I say "seeing" I'm not talking solely about the occasional tasse de café, I mean literally. 

Years before we were introduced I was constantly mesmerized by the way she dressed. I would, and this is embarrassing to admit, just watch her to see what she was wearing. Did someone say voyeuse? (Yes, it exists in the feminine! I couldn't resist.) 

I told her this long after and she couldn't stop laughing.

Several days every week I would see her popping in and out of her brocante boutique, sitting in an outdoor cafe or talking to friends. Every time she treated me to a lesson in personal style. She is riveting.

She has a long, full black cotton skirt, for example, she must wear a hundred different ways all year (we'll investigate further, I promise). 

Each time I venture out to buy bread I hope I run in to her to see the latest.

Once again in terrible picture above taken by you-know-who, you can vaguely see Brigitte in a typically creative collection of sweet summer separates.

The day before, when I didn't have my camera -- now I never leave home without it -- she was wearing above mentioned long black skirt with a big, long-sleeved navy peasant blouse, pulled down over her shoulders and belted tightly at the waist with a black belt. She had on the same black ballerinas. She never wears earrings "I hate them on me for some reason," she says, and always has her right arm covered in her beloved silver bangles. She will wear brooches, rings and the occasional necklace and always silver. 

I don't believe I have ever seen her wear makeup.

Because she is another example of the epitome of what I want us all to understand about dressing with style and creativity at our ages Brigitte has agreed to play along. We have decided to make her another regular feature. I promise you from my years of voyeurism we'll learn a lot from her. Hope you like this idea. 

(When I see her next week I'll ask her if I can tell you how old she is. You won't believe it. And trust me she has had no "work.")

Urgent Weekend Bulletin:

Last night on a TV special about where and how the French are spending their vacations (because tonight and tomorrow are the major depart en vacances, the famous month of August when the world stops here) one of the mini reportages was about the hottest summer accessory.  

I wanted to get this news off to you instantly so you can run out to your favorite shop or mall and get on the bandwagon and probably the markdown bandwagon if you're lucky. Everybody, anybody who's anybody has to -- do you hear me (?) MUST have a pair of Spartiates. FYI we call them gladiators. but just like creoles I think it's more fun to call them Spartiates. (The French press reported Brad Pitt bought at least one pair in St. Tropez. Yes, I know. . . Who cares?)

From the top: Sergio Rossi (note, it's a three-fer: Spartiates, fringe, coral), Koah and Chanel.


erina said...

Edith and her super charming illustrations, the lovely Brigitte, honestly Tish the blog just keeps getting better and better! I love all your recent posts. So many ideas to ponder and so much style to absorb. Thank you!!

knitpurl said...

Agree totally with the above post. Briggitte looks great in the pix (Tish, you never need apologize for your very good pictures).

Marsi said...

She is saucy. I also agree with Erina.

Not crazy about those Rossi glads though. I wonder if they look better on. Seem uncomfortable as well ....

Bonjour Madame said...

I would stare at her too! She the epitome of chic. It's the red belt and flats that are making me swoon over the entire ensemble. I like her hair too. Your blog rocks!

tishjett said...

Ooooh, thank you all so much. It takes a while to sort things out, decide what is most interesting, fun, informative. I shall continue to move along with your help.

Yes, Marsi, isn't she? I think we'll all enjoy seeing more of her. I couldn't agree with you more about the Rossi Spartaites, but as an object they're quite pretty don't you think? I'm sure one would be bleeding after a day in them however. Also, Marsi, I thought you would be THRILLED by this gladiator news since you already own some (?)

tishjett said...


You are a so lovely. Thank you. Also thank you for understanding how/why Brigitte turned me into a voyeur -- you know, not the kind of peek in the windows type, but sit in a cafe or my car kind of stalker. . .

(Also, it's thanks to you and your infinite generosity that so many more people have found my blog. You rock.)

Bonjour Madame said...

I had to come back and have another look. This photo is so perfect. The scenery and the oh so chic outfit is captivating!

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