Friday, July 24, 2009

Le Pantalon d'Edith: All It Takes Is One Pair of Trousers

How many people do you know who would venture out of the comfort of their homes, get in their car and actually plunk down a credit card for a a pair of big, flowy yellow -- and I do mean yellow -- trousers? 


But then again, you're just beginning to become acquainted with my friend Edith. Motto: "Everyone's closet is already full of black, it's time to move on." With the codicil: "Tell me one color that doesn't go with the black."

One is hard-pressed to argue the point. Furthermore, she's an artist so she does know her colors. I have to give her that. 

Edith is part of my new summer series on "What do you turn to this summer, time and time again for whatever occasion that presents itself?" 

Obviously, we'll be continuing this exercise through fall, winter, spring, special occasions, and for just about any other reason I can invent that will produce a mini-collection of workable clothes a la les femmes Française that we can appropriate. Our raison d'etre if you will.

Sketched here, by Edith of course, are three ways she has and will wear her polished cotton trousers. Maybe we'd call them palazzo pants, but that sounds so passé I hate to use the word. Then again if one had a pair in the back of the closet in what ever color or pattern or stumbled upon a pair in a vintage shop we agree they can be one of the most precious, useful items in a wardrobe. So don't scoff.

When you peruse these ideas, flip down to Tuesday's post and review the check list of tops that turned her fuchsia skirt into a non-stop wonder and you'll discover most of the pieces can be lifted from there and transferred over here. 

Next week you'll see the final item she bought for this summer and how it can be magically divided and multiplied.

(I suppose I don't have to discuss the t-shirt on top [?], below is an old safari jacket from YSL; the bustier is silk grosgrain and the shawl a reversible orange/yellow pashmina bought in India.)


Bonjour Madame said...

I wonder why the idea of yellow pants has never even crossed my mind? I have got to step outside of my box! To answer your question, I've only been to Paris once October 2008. It was one of the best weeks of my life and I'm just about out of photos to share. Must go back!

Tee said...

Loving these posts! You asked about the Vintage Thursday thing. I believe it is every week and it is anything you want to show. Just click on the Colorado Lady link in my post for instructions. I'm thinking (hoping!) you might have some vintage Hermes or such to tempt us with? Have you ever been to It's a very stylish blog - she hosts something called Fashionable Fridays link party there as well.

Have a great weekend!

bleuny said...

Hi Tish! No longer anonymous nor shy, I thank you for your comment to my comment (!) on Tuesday. I think I will not buy a thing for Fall or Winter until I learn from you of that one wonderful item that Edith will go for!

Marsi said...

Again, she makes these colorful bottoms seem like a wardrobe staple. These posts have been so inspirational. I don't feel like I'm in a wardrobe slump, but I could use an injection of bold color. Am thinking seriously of making a fuschia skirt of my own, though I suppose I ought to start and finish the black linen a-line skirt that's pending. Anyway, I love the wide legs on these trousers. What is Edith's height?

tishjett said...

Yes, Stephanie, you must come back. You will never be disappointed.

tishjett said...

Hi Tee,

I'm so glad you like these posts. They're actually lots of fun for me.

Maybe I'll join in some time. Thank you for the information.

I'll be right over to your blog.

tishjett said...

Dear Bleuny,

I'm so glad you're no longer anonymous -- or shy -- I think we're all among friends.

Edith and I have lots of plans for fall and of course we haven't finished summer yet. We plan on putting wardrobes together and lots of other fun stuff. Stay tuned. . .

tishjett said...

I'm catching up, Marsi,

I would say Edith is about 5'5ish.

I have several pairs of large trousers in various materials and they really can be a wardrobe staple. I think for some reason women are afraid of them, but even though you're tiny you can wear them and you can also add heels don't forget.

Here is the basic difference between us and them. They love fashion of course, but they do not get locked into pre-conceived ideas about "in" and "out" -- actually when they're buying "in" they're thinking this will probably never be "out" or only for a short time and then I'll put it away for a while or mix it with something new and voila it's "in" again. Also, we must never forget. Stylish Frenchwomen have their own individual look no matter what is going on in the fashion world, unless of course they're part of the fashion world. . .

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