Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Few Of Her Favorite Things

Things are not going as planned in blog-land. To keep a constant update of fresh surveys to unroll for our delight all I require is follow-through. It's simple, I ask a question and the questionee responds, but oh no, now they want to think about their answers and get back to me. You can see where this is going. Follow-up, follow-up, follow-up. . .

I think in the future I'll just sit in front of this screen, ask myself questions and give myself a variety of names I wish my parents had given me in the first place and make up a bunch of brilliant answers.

Of course I can't do that because I'm a journalist not only would I never lie to you, but when I ask questions I learn something. It's fun. How sad life would be if we stopped learning, even if it's only trivia.  

Tucked away in my bag of tricks -- theoretically saved to be coupled with two other interviews -- is Caroline's response to her favorite, no-fail, love 'em every day summer clothes. (This is not the same Caroline from the last survey, she was a doctor, this Caroline is a pharmacist and cute as a bug, well actually they both are -- one blonde, one brunette, both tiny.) Oh yes, this is the Caroline who revealed in my "what do you you eat for breakfast" survey a couple of months back: "Prince cookies and a glass of milk."

Caroline's favorites:

1.) My Chanel sunglasses (yes, yet another one)

2.) Sandals "I won't even tell you how many I own, but I'll tell you the minute it's warm enough I wear nothing else anywhere, ever.

3.) Long flowy dresses.

4.) White or gray t-shirts with black or white linen trousers or bermudas. 

5.) A beige Eres maillot. (It's not precisely the one pictured, but the color is right. . .)

On the day of our interview she was wearing coral sandals; a charcoal gray cotton skirt with pale tray pinstripes in a sort of bubble shape with low pockets (you could have your arms at your sides and your hands would slip into the pockets -- weird, I know, but cute); a medium gray Marcel (I swear); a gray cotton cardigan and silver creoles (I know, I know, but it's true).

P.S.: Before it's too late, if you can find a long summer dress you love: buy it, buy it, buy it. It's probably on sale and no woman should be without one or two. Trust me.


Marsi said...

I'm afraid that if I buy a maxi-dress, as they're called here in the States, I will never take it off and will wake up one morning in September about 10 pounds heavier.

Here's a sad story for you. I have a pair of Chanel sunglasses and hate them. My friend in the French Alps used to work in an upscale shoe store, and one day a customer (she doesn't know who) left a pair of Chanel squared-off cat-eyes sunglasses with quilted arms behind in the store. My friend held the glasses at the desk for two months, but the woman never came back. Then a few months later, I went to France to visit my friend, and she gave them to me. They look bad on me. Sometimes I wear them on my head to keep my hair back, but on my face they are tragique.

See? Sad story. I told you.

Marsi said...

P.S. That Eres is a beautiful maillot.

P.M.S. Word to knitpurl: you mentioned Revlon Cherries in the Snow a couple of times in your comments, and I thought maybe I should shake things up and give it a whirl. Bought the lipstick and polish. It is absolute, to-die-for perfection. It's glorious on my toenails -- a break from the usual cherry red or deep merlot. And so divine on the lips. A little pink blush, a swipe of mascara and brow pencil, and Cherries carefully applied as a stain -- perfect summer look. I'm so glad you mentioned it. (And even better, it was on sale in my grocery store AND I had a coupon, so I got both for about $3.50. Hah!)

Nana B. said...

When one is vertically challenged, all dresses are maxi. Miss you. xxxxooooo

Drea said...

Liking those sandals...

Tee said...

Those maxi dresses are so lovely. I want one badly, but have not tried on even one this season, as I know they will make me look even more "maxi" than I already am.

Must have missed the discussion about Cherries in the Snow. It is indeed the perfect shade. My mother used to let me borrow her nail polish when I was a teenager- I though I was so grown up! Haven't used it in a long while, though.

And to continue the pig watering can discussion, they were available at Smith & Hawken. How do I know this? There are 2 of them, plus a squirrel, in Mother's garden.

tishjett said...

Marsi, Remember I told you: Headbands are every Frenchwoman's cradle to grave bad hair day accessory. Now you're all set -- a Chanel headband, how chic is that? Wear it/them inside all year long and on rainy or cloudy days outside.

If anyone inquires, which they won't, just say it's a French thing. . . VERY in.

knitpurl said...

Like the long dresses, they are around and so affordable right now.
Note to Marsi -- yea, glad you saved the money, my Cherries is from Walgreen's.

knitpurl said...

Note to Tee: With Smith and Hawken closing, their online site is off and they do not do business in Wisconsin, but thanks anyway.

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