Sunday, June 28, 2009

To Buy or Not To Buy: That Is The Question

OK, I'm back, feeling great and not having eaten anything for 36 hours, also feeling there's no time like the present to get back on my regime. Why should I pay lots of Euros for detox liquids at the pharmacy when I can so easily catch some random bug and let nature take its course? Best of all I'm not hungry and what good luck; this is the perfect season to be on a diet because delicious fruits and veggies are everywhere even in my own backyard (!)

Enough about me. Or rather enough about that subject.

If you've been with me since last Friday when I promised to get back to you upon my return from Paris, you may recall I mentioned we are now in full-throttle soldes, i.e. markdowns. This is always a dangerous time because one so often falls prey to that "oh, it's 50 percent off; I don't really love it, love it; but if I don't buy it this instant I might regret it for the rest of my life and of course it's 50 percent off" syndrome.  

Luckily the bug was sneaking up on me and I didn't have time to do anything rash, however -- yes, feeling woozy or not there is always a however in these sagas. I think I'm having a serious emotional pull toward the Kenneth Jay Lane brooch pictured above.

I first saw it while perusing the Net searching for examples of lovely clothes and accessories in blue (very big, obviously, or I wouldn't be talking about it), which I was preparing for a future post. I thought hmmm, I really, really like this thing. Then on Monday last, I saw it for real in Paris and thought, hmmm, yes I really do. On Friday I almost bought it. The woman in the boutique said to me: "It's so Jackie Kennedy, you know she had one just like it." Nope, I didn't know that. One way or the other that news does not weigh into my decision.

I'm going back to Paris on Tuesday and between now and then I have to reconcile myself to my one tiny qualm about what I otherwise think is a gorgeous, never in or out of fashion (perhaps investment in that case?) bauble. I think all the faux, rounded turquoise stones are perfect, but here's my hesitation: Do I really like the big, fat blue rhinestone smack in the middle, and why didn't he keep going with the faux turquoise? (Then again, maybe everyone will think it's an aquamarine or a blue topaz -- I just thought of that.)

The question about whether I need it or not is moot. Who needs a brooch?


Marsi said...

Sorry to hear about your illness, but you're certainly looking at it from the bright side. Kick-starting a little weight loss is the best part of belly problems. I could use a belly problem myself.

The stone in the middle takes away from the brooch, in my opinion. I do otherwise like it. During this past winter, I saw a woman wearing a brooch on the neck of her turtleneck sweater, so now that is where I wear them as well, though I also like them at the waistline of a skirt.

I got back from a week in San Francisco yesterday, where we ate. And ate. And ate. Sure, we walked 7-12 miles per day, up and down hills, but it is hard to burn off calories from two large meals per day. I gained a few pounds, argh. As you said, fortunately it's summer and the produce is glorious, which makes light eating easy and painless.

The only fashion shopping I did there was for a pair of black Repettos, which I found in an ostrich skin stamped leather. I wore them on a 3-mile walk one afternoon, and couldn't believe how comfortable a pair of shoes could be without breaking them in first. The only other purchases were food items like salt-packed capers, an unusual rustic pasta to add to soups, and Blue Bottle coffee beans. We are on the recessionary "Dollar Diet" here chez moi.

I have so many postings of yours yet to read!


tish jett said...

Dear Marsi,

About mid-week I realized you were in SF. I was worried that maybe you had des nains in your jardin (I'm not serious) and thought you weren't speaking to me any longer. You'll see, I think the post was last weekend. . .

Whew, I'm certainly glad you're back. I've missed you. I love San Francisco, my best childhood friend lives there -- maybe I already mentioned this? -- her apartment has a spectacular view of the Golden Gate from something like seven stories up. (Her apartment is spectacular as well, but that's another story. . .)

Yes, Repettos are marvelous. I think I'll write a post on one of my best French friends who after a foot operation started wearing them and loved them so much she never went back to heels. The story is more about a skirt she wore about 30 different ways one summer for every occasion and by necessity had to wear Repettos for above mentioned reason.

Welcome home.


Marsi said...

Tish, I was not carried off by nains, thank goodness, though when I was 11 or 12 years old, I had myself convinced that some lived in the thicket of trees in my back yard. I even tacked little signs up on the trees at gnome eye level: "Gnome Crossing." (I was a very imaginative kid, I guess. Or a hallucinator, I don't know which!) My brother still teases me about it. While I was in SF, I saw a Swiss chocolate store that had little solid chocolate nains in the window and hesitated for a moment about sending one to my brother. But with summer heat, I wasn't sure it'd survive. I also saw gnome candles in another shop and a nain on an apartment balcony across the street from my favorite French bakery in Russian Hill. They really dig gnomes in SF, I guess. Can you imagine how out of control I'd have been if I'd lived there as a child?! ;o)

I definitely want to hear some Repetto stories. Anything to make me forget how spendy my pair was -- please! I am also strangely curious about this skirt worn in 30 different ways ... that would be a fabulous post as well.


tish jett said...


You must have been such a sweet little girl. How adorable. Lots of children are afraid of nains I've been told.

OK, I may have exaggerated about 30 different ways to wear her skirt, let's say 15ish, maybe more. I'm afraid her Repetto's were limited to two pairs that famous summer. I must ask her how many she owns now.

Leslie said...

Ok, I know I am incredibly late on the post, but I am new to your blog and ready from the beginning - fun!

I do like the brooch very much, and hope you bought it!

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