Friday, June 12, 2009

More, But Different

Another melange, returning by popular demand. Still all over the place, but with two basic themes: Cheap chic and shamefully expensive excess. And guess what? They go perfectly together, just add some Chantal Thomass makeup from her new line for Nivea -- debuting next month -- and you're good to go.

On top, one of the cheapest, freshest, easiest T-shirts in the world, the famous ribbed -- or not -- "Marcel," but I like the ribs, plus they're vertical (if you see what I mean). Of course they come in every color, pattern and unfortunately message plastered across the chest that one can imagine, but I'm sorry I believe the simple classic is the best. Actually one in black would be swell under a white linen jacket come to think of it.  They are fab under summer suits, with jeans, with long peasant skirts, with just about any combo. Again, if you don't like your arms add a jacket or a light sweater.

That's the cheap part. Next add a mass of those diamond chip keys up there from Tiffany and you've got a serious look going. Kristen Scott-Thomas, among many other celebs and fashion folk are jangling around town in them right this minute. (I couldn't find a picture I could use of her in the keys, although I did see her with several. I thought to compensate I would toss in the shot with the creoles. You know, repetition for emphasis. . .)

My feeling about the Chantal Thomass cosmetic products: Even if I hated them, which I'm certain would not be the case, I would love to have them in my bag. The sexy, lace-me-up packaging is quintessentially Madame Thomass. She says her favorite product is the lipstick because it is "l'élément clé" (the key element) in all maquillage. To make her line more provocative she has created a collection for day and another for evening "because of the difference in light." Her colors are pale for day, intense for night. 


Marsi said...

Those Chantal Thomass cosmetics are such fun. You'll have to let us know if you find them. I wonder if she's making a sheer lipstick? I don't wear anything but sheers; I gave them up 13 years ago when my son was born because I thought opaque red kisses on a baby looked obnoxious. :o)

KST is perfection. Her creoles were the first thing I noticed. But look at that skin!!

Bon weekend!

tish jett said...

Bon weekend to you too. You still have your cadeau du weekend coming don't forget.

I definitely plan to get some of her stuff and of course I'll report back. Tomorrow I'm going into Paris and I'll see if Coletter still has Le Whiff. Now that I've got my chocolate stamps I can sniff AND snort. I'm already getting tres excited about my weekend. . .

(Oh, and she too lived near us for many years, but no longer does and I know her on a "bonjour" basis although I have interviewed her. She's best friends with a good friend of mine. But despite your reassurances I decided not to go there this time.)


knitpurl said...

Tish, haven't read this blog yet, but my big, huge apologies. I DID NOT MEAN YOU!!!!! I meant the word "do" just looks weird by itself when we refer to a new hairDO.

Three cheers on the blonde! I love mine too! Now to read the above blog. Gosh sorry about that!

knitpurl said...

Creoles reign!
I hope CT's line for Nivea makes it across the pond. What fun items to put in our see through summer bags.

I totally agree that the keys or some other expensive jewelry make a plain white or black (OK ribbed) t-shirt look tres elegante. I'd be the one w/the shrug, sweater or linen jacket over it though. (Even though I just returned to Weight Watchers - don't ask how many times I've been there - many were very successful times too.)

Anonymous said...

No, no Carole, I know you didn't. It was funny. I just wanted to emphasize the fact I am amazingly blonde and with my gold-you-know-what's I'm absolutely dazzling. . .

Oh, forgot to add in post, but will mention here: A marcel looks great under a big shirt. You've already said you have hot, sticky summers so maybe that's a cooler alternative.

tish jett said...

Ummm, a little fast on the trigger there -- that's from me obviously over this one.

Bonjour Madame said...

I wonder if these cosmetics are coming to the states? I loved her store in Paris. Is that a picture of her in black?

tish jett said...

Hi Stephanie,

Since it's a Nivea line I would think it would eventually arrive in the States. (I'm writing myself a note to ask her p.r. dept. next week. I'll see what I can discover.)

Yes, that is she in black. Always black. Sometimes with a white shirt.

Next Thursday I'm having lunch with a Swiss friend at Laduree (!) and for the first time in my life, thanks to you, I shall order your salad instead of my usual omelette. Dessert stays the same. . . Always.

Bonjour Madame said...

Tish, you will love the salad. It really was fantastic. have a wonderful time at laduree!

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