Monday, June 15, 2009

Le Buzz On The Buzzzzzzz

We discussed the fashion-forward importance of flora, fauna and reptiles over the past few weeks. So what's left? Insects of course.  (I think the only category for deep exploration left to me is amphibians and not to worry I've got that covered.)

You know I wouldn't waste your time with a style subject if it weren't pertinent to our reputations. 

Depending upon your phobias in this area, you fortunately have the option of one end of the spectrum i.e. the makes-my-skin-crawl spider (araignée, in case you want to drop this into your conversation, though highly unlikely I would imagine) to sweet papillons.  In between you've got bees and my favorite, in real life, not in metal, les coccinelles. Lady bugs are supposed to bring good luck after all.

If insects in any shape, form, dead, alive or in precious stones are not your thing, I've included two creatures that eat them: the frog by Lydia Courteille and his scary friend up there on the branch from Boucheron. 

The bugs, from the top: Lady bug pendant; dragon fly (libellule) from Van Cleef & Arpels; beetle (scarabée) from Patricia Timsit; bee stick pin and ring (les abeilles) from Alexandra Bijoux and Chaumet respectively; spider ring from Chaumet ; the butterfly earrings from Van Cleef;  bouquet ring with the busy bee from Dior; and finally if you want to avoid insects altogether, while still signaling to the world you acknowledge the trend, you could opt for the cobweb (toile d'araignée) ring from Chaumet.


knitpurl said...

The lady bug, the dragon fly - very sleek looking - the bee and flower ring, I could wear those, separately, of course. Oh yes, the butterfly earrings also look interesting. Time to visit the Mall and see what's out there here in the Midwest.

CailinMarie said...

the frog! I love the frog!

Marsi said...

That beetle with the cabochons is gorgeous. Love the whimsy of including the bug eaters in your post!

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