Thursday, June 25, 2009

It's Free, It's Free -- It's True, It's True

You want it? You've got it. Je le veux,  je l'aurai -- I want it; I will have it.

The Hermes Kelly bag about which many have dreamed the impossible dream can now be yours. For. . . are you ready (?) 0, yes that's right ZERO Euros, or whatever currency you've calculated the price, which depending upon the materials used by the famed house of Hermes can cost minimum the price of a used car and maximum the tuition of a couple of years at an Ivy League university.

Like all things too good to be true, there's a qualifier. (Well, of course, what did you think?) You have to make it yourself. HOWEVER, Hermes will send you the pattern to cut and paste together.

You see, once again proof age has no importance. You will be returning, metaphorically speaking, to your pre-school days to make yourself something that only a sophisticated grown-up would be toting on her arm.

Go to the Hermes site and take several deep breaths because it takes for-ev-er to load-up. I suggest a manicure while waiting, then follow the directions to reach your goal of a lifetime: Choose bag; download pattern; print pattern; color (that's where you put your creative stamp on your new treasure); cut out the colored pattern, ever careful to stay on the lines; fold into the iconic shape and glue all the sides, bits and whatever together until -- ta-da, behold your very own Kelly.

Some of you I imagine are too clever for words and will figure out a way to do this arts and crafts project with a material that will produce a purse you can actually use as opposed to the paper/cardboard one which even with Superglu probably wouldn't hold much more than a lipstick and a handkerchief. It could always be an objet d'art I suppose, a party favor or a gift for a friend who already has a closetful of the real thing.

I would love like to hear back on this one. Tell me if you're going to do it and if so how and why. 


knitpurl said...

Downloaded in a flash and now I have my very own pattern of a Kelly, Nathalie bag. Would be fun to play with fabrics and see what the results are, but I like the 2 pg. printout whereon each page has the tiny Hermes orange logo. These pages might just be ready to frame and hang in my studio, hmmmm. Thank you, Tish, for one of the best posts!

Marsi said...

Hermes has got to be one of the wittiest, most whimsical companies out there -- which is good, because they could easily be so stodgy. I printed the Marine Kelly, which was the one with the Eiffel Tower on it. What a great website they have.

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