Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Hottest, The Latest, The Greatest, Etc.

Once again I have acquired a plentiful pastiche of vital news and views I wish to share with you. You know what that means: No theme, few if any transition sentences, all over the place.  

And we're off. . .

Clotilde Courau, actress and real-life princess, wore Burma jewels at the Cannes film festival. Never mind her pretty pose against the Chopard logo. They've got great stuff btw. I suspect some women have pieces from Burma and may be unaware they've been duped. . .  OK, I could be wrong.

Just because. I really, really fell in love with Gucci's flowy, feminine, gypsy, empire gown. (I'm crazy about empire, hides a multitude of problems and emphasizes some nifty bits.) 

Silver nails?  Let's take a pass; what do you say?

I crave the trompe l'oeil "bustier" T-shirt from Alexander McQueen.  

When I first saw it I thought I wanted it, now I'm not so sure. If the VIP bag from Murval has nothing written on the flip-side you could turn one or the other surface out to the world depending upon your mood. 

I've been holding on to this picture of Helen Mirren for months, trying to find a place to place it, but since random is the theme today I might as well throw her into the mix. I think what appears to be beaded sleeves incorporated into a strapless dress -- at the 2008 Academy Awards --  is an exceedingly sexy solution for women who are not crazy about their upper arms, but still like that area between neck and cleavage.

The Pucci plastic flower cuff is a clever morphing of the recent posts on plastic and flowers. Where do these people get such ideas?

What can one say? "Karl Lagerfeld" probably says it all. As usual Colette is the place to find the sacs.

That's it for today. Don't want us to go into brain overload on the latest and the greatest so will save the rest of my list for another day.


Marsi said...

Oh, I love your little mish-mash collections of this and that. Have I ever recommended "Lagerfeld Confidential" to you? Funny little documentary about him; he is so outrageous. I never gave too much thought to who he is as a person until reading "A Beautiful Fall," a bio of him and St-Laurent (mainly the latter) from their design starts in the '50s through the end of the '70s, and learned so much. Now I'm a bit greedy about reading or seeing everything I can about both designers.

Did you see the mini-series "Signe Chanel" when it was on French tv a few years ago, all about the goings-on going on inside the Chanel atelier during a couture collection? GREAT STUFF.

Anyway, I think the Karl tote is very drole. I'd like to carry my knitting in it!

You asked about my French green clay mask. Here's the deal.

Aztec Healing Clay Mask:


Equal parts clay and apple cider vinegar. It sucks every bit of junk out of my skin and makes it absolutely clear and poreless. It does make it red for 30 minutes afterward, but ah, it's good stuff!

Marsi said...

Btw, I saw your question to Stephanie on her blog re J-P Guerlain, and the answer -- if you don't mind my butting in! -- is OUI! You must post about the Guerlains! It is my favorite perfume house, and I'd love to hear about your experiences with the family.

Bonjour Madame said...

Helen is gorgeous! She has a better body than most 25 year olds.

Yes, everyone is going to be fascinated you know Jean-Paul Guerlain...(everybody meaning Marsi and I)

I heard a rumor they are opening up a rare Guerlain spa at the newly reopened Roosevelt Hotel here in New Orleans. I MUST go there!

tish jett said...


Tomorrow may be a mish-mash as well, haven't decided yet. I like them too because sometimes I have so much to tell you I can't wait for a theme.

Yes, I think you did recommend it and no I haven't seen it. He is indeed outrageous. I read the book. He is a great interview. I have seen so much on Chanel I can't even remember. Although I guess I would, right?

I've got another creation from him for tomorrow or the next day. I think you'll enjoy it as well.

Merci for the recipe. A rosy complexion is beautiful.

OK, I'll dig out my little tape of the interview and a couple of stories I wrote about him in the past and whip something up. As for my experiences with him I can't go public with many gossipy details -- even though I would love to. You know, libel and all that...

I can tell you, and Stephanie, he tools around our little village and the one next to us where we all do our shopping in a stunning -- and I'm not into cars at all -- silver Bentley convertible; has two Yorkshires and he's a fabulous cook.

knitpurl said...

You all lead such facinating lives. I've got to get a grip here...
- Carole

PS - I too like the ramblings on your blog.

CailinMarie said...

Helen Mirren's photo is wonderful! And doesn't she look good in red? I agree, the sparkly sleeve thingy is something I'm going to have to keep in my mind the next time I have an event. I have "peasant stock" arms and then made the disasterous decision to join the crew team for two years. Idiot!

tish jett said...


You have five children????

You look beautiful in your picture. "Peasant stock" arms, I'm sure everyone is looking at your face.

Yes, I think Helen Mirren is sublime. She supposedly was/is quite the seductress. It appears with all the rest she has that inexplicable charm thing going for her.

It's so nice to hear from you.

tish jett said...

Dear Carole,

I like to ramble as well, maybe I'll do it more often.

I think when one sits down to write for others one tends to focus on the positive, the funny, the interesting for myriad reasons. We don't want to divulge too much about our secret fears, traumas, drams, whatever. Those problems are saved for conversations with dear friends or relatives.

I'm sure, apart from what you're going through now, you too have an interesting life, but you can't concentrate on it for the moment. (I wish I had a two-year-old in my life.)

At any rate, it always makes me happy to hear from you.

Marsi said...

I bet M. Guerlain's car costs more than my house. But that's okay: my handbag (Chanel 2.55) costs more than my car ('92 Toyota Tercel). That makes my husband laugh. It gets 40 miles/gallon though. (As for my handbag, I intend to get a lot of mileage out of that, too!)

I counted my Guerlain bottles last night: seven. I am really dying to try the Mitsouko flanker, Fleur de Lotus, next week in San Francisco. Not that I need more perfume, because obviously I don't. What I need is a new pair of leopard ballet flats.

Seems like there've been a lot of changes at Guerlain since LVMH took over, particularly within the last couple of years. The house seems to be getting away from the classics and moving toward the fruity-gourmand scents. With the older classics, they all had that "Guerlainade" base, making each fragrance unmistakeably Guerlain ... but now ... not so much. I think some major ingredient ban is to go into effect early next year, too, so that must put Guerlain in a tough spot.

Well, anyway, such fun to hear your stories!

tish jett said...

the house, the garden, the paintings, the furniture, the stables.

At Andrea's graduation from college in the States my best friend from childhood, Drea's godmother, and her husband were there. Karen was toting her Hermes Kelly and David remarked that her bag cost more than their first apartment.

He swore it was true.

Sans importance all that. We're here for the bonheur and not the encumbrances. Ummm, well most of the time anyway.

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