Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Few Of My Favorite Things: Part 10 or Something

I'm off again with a doesn't go together; has-nothing-to-do-with-one-another; may-or-may-not- be-hot, hot, hot, but I like these things anyway post. 

Inevitably as I find one-offs and something that strikes my fancy I set each idea or item aside to be thrown into these -- now weekly it seems -- jumbles of this and that.  So here we go:

The glass grape bracelet and earrings are a definite "just because." I think they're pretty, probably conversation worthy and fruity motifs are in, in general this summer. I thought these would be different -- and by extension make us appear clever and more creative than those merely buying into a produce trend -- also, I envision them as the ultimate vintage pieces. There's also a necklace (!)

You may recall I dissed silver nail polish a few posts back. That was before I saw beautifully pedicured, silver-toed tootsies in silver sandals. I'm holding fast to my position on fingernails, but there was something festive and "risky" fun about the toes. Sandals from the top: Bernardo, J.Crew and Christian Louboutin.  If, and believe me I understand, you're aiming for "ever-elegant and irreproachable" go for Chanel's Dragon.

This is not an endorsement, it's more like a "slipped through the net" when doing my bug post last week. Note spider plus her web on the Alian Milki/Delfina Deletrettrez sunglasses. They were supposed to be part of the insect round up, but somehow escaped. I couldn't bear the idea that you would be deprived of such a creative use of a creepy, crawly.

In passing. . . I found a long leopard cardigan a few weeks ago which I decided I really, really liked, as in the sense: "That would certainly look nice on someone, though not me." (I try not to be selfish.) As a consequence it went into my "this and that" folder. I've now decided I hate it so as you can see it's not here. I believe that is how we make terrible mistakes when we shop and buy things on impulse. I do not know one French woman, I swear this is true, who has had a bad impulse purchase. 


Bonjour Madame said...

How do they not make bad impulse purchases? Do they know before they shop what they need and only stick to that? Do they see a potential impulse buy and go home and think about it to cool off? I need to conquer this area. I tend to have tres expensive impulse purchase ideas and I need some techniques to just back away from the merchandise.

I really like the silver shoes you've posted.

Drea said...

Oooh, fun stuff! You can keep the creepy spider glasses, but I'll take everything else on this page. Love that bracelet.

sisty said...

Do they only have good impulses? Or do they not buy on impulse?

knitpurl said...

Like everything, but I'm sticking w/Cherries in the Snow. That's what I'm writing now, but I'll bet if I see silver polish in a store, I'll buy it just for the change. Hmm, Nordstrom's has sandals on sale. Guess I will have to scroll through them again to see if there are silver ones.

tish jett said...

Ok, Stephanie, now you've got me worried. I'm thinking: Maybe this is another one of my illusions. The only way to get to the bottom of this is for me to do another one of my unscientific surveys and ask whoever I meet what is/are some of the biggest mistakes she's ever made. I'll get on it.

But since the women I know and have interviewed have a grand plan for basics and additions to them with the occasional whimsical, though not an error, item from H&M, Monoprix, Mango, etc.

Also, my call is into Chantal Thomass pr to see about the make up in the States.

tish jett said...

Drea, Yes pretty things. I would like the grapes as a necklace and the earrings too, but not together waaaaay too many grapes for adornment as opposed to refreshment.

Would you paint your toenails silver? On second thought, yes you probably would.

Who would wear those glasses?

tish jett said...


You will be happy to know they have many, many bad impulses. That's partially what makes them so interesting.

I think I've got to revisit the buying impulse thing. I meant, and I hope I'm right, they can buy on impulse, but unlike me for example it's not a mistake.

I'll be back with more on the subject.

tish jett said...

Carole, I agree with you. Although if I lived in the States and could get one of those marvelous $15 pedicures I might just once do silver toenails, but then I'd have to buy silver sandals so everything sort of gets out of hand.

Think I'll stick with my Chanel Boa or maybe a red for the first time in my life, both of which go with all the sandals I own.

It's midnight, I can't make any decisions.

Bonjour Madame said...

Just read your insomniac moment comment. Email me at SHYMEL7@COX.NET and we can go into all of it so i don't hijack your blog once again :)


sisty said...

Can't wait! As a person who herself has many impulses toward badness, I'll add it onto my very long list of reasons why I'm crazy not to move to France.

Marsi said...

That grape bracelet is the best! Wearing it would be like putting a bell on a cat though; you couldn't sneak up on anyone.

So you saw a photo of silver toenails with silver sandals? Hm. I have a pair of red sandals, and I always make sure to wear a Vamp-type, deep red with them so that it's not too much tone-on-tone. Do I need to rethink that?

tish jett said...

I've got three words for you: Move to France.

What have you got to lose? Imagine what you have to gain. Set a time limit and see how it works and then move on from there.

You cannot imagine how it re-adjusts the way you look at the world from your closet to geopolitics to a beautiful less-is-more esthetic. A whole new way of appreciating life. (That diatribe was slightly longer than three words. . . If you have any specific questions feel free to ask.)

tish jett said...

No, Marsi, you are once again right on the mark. Red with another red sounds fab-u-lous, plus it's lots less faddy, therefore allowing you to rationalize your new Repetto addiction.

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