Thursday, May 28, 2009

News And Views: A Round-Up

Another one: Lots to say, but in fragments. I want to pass on every trifle I trip over; every tidbit of trivia that comes my way.

Is it just me or do women really identify with a turtle whose chronological age is 60, but looks 30? Thanks to what exactly? (She even has a name: Maxine.) Is it that jar of Youth Surge on her back? And is 6o the new 30, if that's the message I'm all for it. 

And I'm sure it works.

Another observation: As I was flicking through my American "Vogue" the other day I noticed an ad for cigarettes (!) I thought that was verboten. It showed a woman sitting on a bar stool, cool as can be holding a slim Davidoff cigarette and smiling boldly into the camera. 

Despite the armies of protectionists, American English words inevitably slip into the French vernacular, one of my favorites is "buzz" juicy celeb gossip is referred to as "Le Buzz". Cute, non

Don't mean to nag or anything -- ever notice that phrase is always the preface for a diatribe (?) -- but if you haven't already bought your marinière, you know your striped sailor T-shirt, you must not hesitate a moment longer. The sooner you own it the longer you'll be in, in, in. What else do we live for after all? Try piling on lots of chains and pearls or your new creoles (nag, nag). I've got mine and am wearing the two-inch gold ones right this minute.

Nina Ricca is doing a re-edition of Jackie Kennedy's famous sunglasses. They're big -- in both senses of the word.

I just threw in the red ones by Mosley Tribes because I think they're snappy and happy. Imagine how you could get the bleu, blanc, rouge/red, white and blue thing going with your T-shirt. . .

A demain.

(Marinière picture by Naomi Yang for "Figaro Madame")


Marsi said...

Remember that cute marine t-shirt that Barbie was wearing in one of the pictures of your Barbie posts a few months ago, and I commented that I "needed" that shirt? Found it this weekend at Old Navy for $10. I've also got my 2" gold creoles and sunglasses, so I reckon I'm ready for ... something!

Lately, my husband and I have noticed very strange, very cheesy, very seemingly under-budget ads on tv, and we think that it's because TALENTED marketing directors and ideas cost too much money in this crap economy. Perhaps that would explain the inexplicable -- namely, that bizarre Clinique turtle?

Drea said...

Love the new front page design!

I'm going to start calling the dog "le Buzz."

Oh, was at the dentist earlier this week and asked him about bleaching. He said to avoid having very sensitive teeth afterwards, brush with Sensodine, or similar, for 3 weeks before bleaching and you should be ok... Trivia du jour...

tish jett said...

Marsi, I'm so happy for you. You must keep me au courant on how your life improves with your purchases. Also, keep forgetting to ask you: How are you doing with our miracle cleansing product?

Do you really think Estee Lauder needs to hire a turtle?
Interesting. . .

tish jett said...

Oooooh, thank you for the design compliment. I did it all by myself, but it's only temporary. I got sick of looking at nothing up there.

Does Buzz come to "Le Buzz"?

Thanks for the trivia. Trivia du Jour might be a good blog sidebar since it's probably already taken as a blog site.

Marsi said...

Well, I am leaving for vacation in San Francisco in a couple of weeks. I'm sure adventure waits me there -- in my stripes and creoles.

I am loving the Crealine and will not use anything else. About the same time I started with this waterless cleansing method, I also bought the cult beauty product, Biologique Recherche's P50 Lotion, which is a toner with glycolic and salicylic acids, sulphur, and botanical extracts. My skin purged for several weeks, and right at the moment of despair, it completely cleared up and now looks gorgeous. Have you tried this product?

Also, have you ever used Embroylisse cream? (Not sure if I missed the spelling there.) If you have, is it worth the hype? What's it like?

Oh, another of my favorite recent discoveries is Frederic Fekkai's hair color kits. I got so tired of spending $90 on medium brown hair without highlights, every three months, so I gave this a shot and LOVED it. It has a pre-treatment cream that prevents oversaturation on the ends and a great conditioner that you use once a week for a month after you color. The color is exactly what I was paying $90 for -- and it was only $30. I haven't loved most of Fekkai's other hair care products, but this is fab. Is it available in your neck of the woods?

knitpurl said...

Ok, Ok I have to find those creoles. (I'll fess up to being in the land of brats and cheese -- somebody must sell 2 inch ones here) The stripes on those nautical shirts go the wrong way for me, never wear anything striped horizontally. Love the new blog heading too whether it stays or not.
-Carole said...

Marsi, I do not doubt for one moment that adventure awaits you in San Francisco. You'll have to give us all the details upon your return. (I know we'll be communicating before of course.)

I love San Francisco.

I'm so glad you are happy with the Crealine. It makes everything so easy. No don't know about the other products. I use a combo serum + cream called Flavo-C. It comes from Belgium and was recommended by the same dermatologist. I think it's brilliant. My pharmacist orders them for me. The line also includes a little tightener product for those "special occasions" when one might also wish to wear false eyelashes.

My hair is streaked and I have a wonderful, inexpensive woman who does it. I wouldn't dare embark on a project like that. I've been having this done for so long I have no idea what color my hair really is and I have no interest in finding out.

tish jett said...

Carole, You MUST find a pair asap even if you have to go out of state. You CANNOT pass the summer without them and if you wait it will be too late. You know the story.

Ever think of wearing horizontal stripes under a navy linen blazer? You'd be surprised.

Thank you for the design compliment. I'm starting to like it myself and the fact that I did it myself is amazing.

Hope you're doing well or as well as you can be.

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