Saturday, May 30, 2009

Dining Al Fresco

Are picnics passé, a romantic relic of days long gone, recalled nostalgically in films like "Coco Avant Chanel" for example? Is it all barbecues and beer and backyard get-togethers with burgers and hot dogs and whatever else can be thrown on the super sexy hi-tech grill and then flipped onto paper plates?

Well I think it's a shame. A little romance goes a long way in this life, and let's be honest when is the last time anyone you know fell in love at a cookout?  


A tete-a-tete under a tree takes some planning and may I suggest, a bottle of Champagne (served in real glasses); a well-thought out menu; linen napkins; silverware and some pretty accessories like these red and green apple containers; flowered thermoses and flower plates spread upon a huge blanket covered during the repas with a large tablecloth. Yes, the plates are plastic, but I think we can rationalize here and call them whimsical, not to mention washable and most important: They're not paper.

(And maybe some bug repellent should be tossed into the mix --  just in case. Insects could be a deal breaker.) Oh, yes, the guitars make "Rocksicals" -- you decide the liquid you wish to freeze in the receptacle. Think of how much fun you're going to have. 

If picnics aren't your thing, I'm convinced these quirky little delights would make sweet hostess gifts.

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Alice Bumgarner said...

Love those plates! And I'm thinking I need a new thermos for outings, one that *doesn't* have Hello Kitty on it.

I once had a romantic picnic with a boyfriend, in a large farm field just off the road. It was just as you've described -- large blanket, champagne with real glasses, etc. etc. -- except that in my version we were continually interrupted by the perky "hey, a picnic! way to go!" honks of passing cars.


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