Sunday, April 26, 2009

Stroke, Twirl -- You're Done

I don't know how it works. All I know is it works. Gemey Maybelline -- yet another company owned by the omni-market present, L'Oreal -- reaaaaally lengthens (and separates, very important as we all know) even the skimpiest eyelashes.

First you apply the white side, which for all I know is glue, wait a few seconds while you re-screw that brush back into the holder, un-screw the other side and apply the color on top of your white eyelashes. It's magic.

I use this as my every day mascara and for major occasions I go back to the much, much, much pricier Yves Saint Laurent Effet Faux Cils, translation: False Eyelashes Effect. The problem with the YSL is that it quickly becomes thick and gloppy on the brush. I admit this may be my fault because I perhaps keep it longer than the recommended shelf-life, but still I expect more from YSL and it doesn't separate quite as well as I would like. But right out of the box it is amazing.

I'm a little late with my cadeau this weekend, but of course I didn't forget.


Alice Bumgarner said...

I've been waiting for that mascara info ever since you mentioned it the other day. My eyelashes thank you.

tish jett said...

I thank you sweetheart.

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