Monday, April 27, 2009

Brooch-ing The Subject

It seems that every famously well-dressed woman the world over is known for one or two distinctively personal accessories. Often one is pearls of varying sizes, shapes and quantity of strands and the other is usually a brooch or a collection of brooches. 

The beauty of brooches is they're never out of style and they're never really "in" style, they are so quintessentially, irreproachably individual to the woman who wears them that they become part of her personality.

They do wax and wane in popularity and as we all know Michelle Obama loves her pins and wears one or more almost every time we see her.

And here is the best brooch bonus: Where do they direct attention(?) that's it, right up and onto your beautiful face. They are magic eye-directors, drawing one's gaze to wherever we wish to direct or redirect our viewers attention. 

From the top:
  1. The famous panther pin from Cartier made for the Duchess of Windsor. The cat sits upon a 152.35 carat Kashmir cabochon sapphire (she also had another one scaling a cabochon emerald).
  2. Michelle Obama in a brooch from Mochino.
  3. Jacqueline Kennedy in ruby and diamond strawberries from Schlumberger given to her by her husband for their first Christmas in the White House.
  4. This is unquestionably what one means when referring to a "major" piece of jewelry. It's the 75 carat Hooker Emerald Brooch that is on display at the Smithsonian Institution. (The emerald is surrounded by 109 round, brilliant cut diamonds.)
  5. A jelly belly frog from Trifari
  6. A beautiful bow from Solar Jewelry.
  7. Michelle Obama's Victorian paste brooch worn at the neck of her Isabel Toledo inauguration dress. (See January 23rd post for details.)
  8. An ensemble of carnelian pieces -- including a brooch -- made for Empress Josephine Bonaparte.
  9. A gorgeous, intricate piece from the famous house of Verdura.
  10. From Chanel a tiny bouquet of enamel camellias.
  11. Just for fun a great, big plastic kiss from Anna Lou of London.


knitpurl said...

Into my late mother's jewelry I go (again) for brooches. Good thing I didn't sell them. Some pictured above are dazzling. Re: mascara, I'm a fan of Buxom by Bare Escentuals. I think it has similar properties to the L'Oreal owned product in the previous blog. On knitting (Marsi, where are you?), Tish, invite a friend w/her knitting over, bring out your gorgeous yarn and wine, laugh a lot and have fun! (Hope you toasted us w/a bite of that mousse!)

tish jett said...

Dear KP,

That's so funny you should say that. I just crawled under the bed the day before yesterday to see what I could find in the old jewelry box. Found some neat stuff, unfortunately in a couple of cases stones were missing.

Your mascara is probably better. I'll try it when mine runs out. Mine is super low-end, but fine for sitting in front of the computer.

Love your idea about wine, needles and giggles. Now I just have to find a friend here who knits. Have lots of friends in the States who do, but don't see a trip in the foreseeable future.

It was my BD, the mousse was a present and it was dee-vine.

Do you do any other arts/crafts?

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