Thursday, March 26, 2009

Cheap Chic

Mini prix, maxi mileage: Sounds like I'm talking about a car, but of course I'm talking about accessories(!) 

My top 10 picks pictured here are all under $100 -- so far under in some cases they're barely in the double digits. Each adds a certain je-ne-sais-quoi to our spring and summer what-have-you's or what-we're-going-to-have when we go shopping. Some of these you'll want to keep forever like the Panama hat -- as fashion fluctuates, just change the ribbon. This year you could circle it with leopard or polka dots, or not. . .

A qualifier: I've included two items I LOVE that peak out over $100, but under $200. 

My way of rationalizing expenditures -- it's marked waaaaay down; I work in fashion and I need new clothes; it's an investment; I couldn't resist -- used to drive my ex-husband crazy. (I've often thought I wish I'd figured out other ways to drive him crazy, but that's another story.)

My two pricey picks are the gold and turquoise creole earrings and the beaded fringe sandals. However, and with me there is always a "however" they are two-fers. Turquoise is tres in as are hoop earrings, that equals two-in-one. Right? Simple leather sandals -- the safari statement we all want to make -- are a la mode and fringe is everywhere. I'm sure you follow my logic? That means you can divide the price of the earrings and the sandals by two and they're both well within our cheap chic criteria. 

Furthermore, I bet you already own some of these accessible accessories. Therefore you can spend more on the more expensive ones. See how it works? 

And the top ten up-daters are: 
  1. Polka dot sunglasses -- for fun.
  2. Animal print grosgrain ribbons -- to double as belts, hat bands, whatever. .. 
  3. Espadrille ballerinas -- always better than sneakers; tell me you agree.
  4. Creole earrings -- all the time, everywhere.
  5. Bandanas -- as necklace, as headband as bandana with a necklace -- very French.
  6. African inspired bangle bracelets -- because they're bold beauties that dress up anything. (And the wooden ones. . .)
  7. Sandals -- because it will be summer and they demand a pedicure.
  8. Turquoise jewelry -- an investment, always beautiful, and bonus(!) it's in again.
  9. A Panama hat -- everyone looks gorgeous in a Panama plus it keeps the rays away.
  10. Shell jewelry -- what can I say? It's inexpensive, it's summery and it can be pretty. (With red beads and with mother-of-pearl pendant.)


Drea said...

Oooooh, I love the bangles.... And the beaded sandals. Of course, I always have a knack for honing in on the most expensive item... There must be some Target equivalent out there...

knitpurl said...

What fun...hunting for these beauties, thanks...then we have a snowstorm coming this weekend, sigh...

Kathleen Lisson said...

Love the Panama hat!

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