Friday, January 16, 2009

Funny, Pretty Little Things

Since "vintage" is on the lips of every fashion maven worth her "gently used" Birkin bag, Bourjois cosmetics (remember the association with Chanel) perhaps seeing our need for nostalgia in these trying times,  has come out with a "Vintage Collection" of eight products with packaging harkening back to the founding of the company.  

The original concept for the products grew out of the dissatisfaction of  Joseph-Albert Posin, an actor, who disliked the heavy, unpleasantly greasy quality of theater makeup.  He developed a line of dry crayons in 1860 and eight years later sold his little enterprise to la famille Bourjois.

In 1912 Bourjous pressed his powders into the now famous sweet little round compacts with the bombé (domed) pastel blushes and eye shadows.  It was at that moment Centres de Rose,  Rose Cinderswas created and is to this day the line's best selling color. 

I've worn it for years because it always makes me look as if I'm still capable of blushing (which unfortunately I am) or if I just pinched my cheeks -- which, of course no one would want to do because it stretches the skin.

For some inexplicable reason, Cendres de Rose works its magic on all skin colors.

Every makeup artist I've ever know has a stash of Bourjois products in his or her bag of tricks. The beauty of these little wonders is they have no oil in the secret recipe which keeps them from melting into the skin and gives them an exceptionally long shelf-life.

The Vintage Collection features five eye shadows and three blushes, pictured above.  (If you're a beauty addict you probably already know about this blog, if not go immediately to Cult-Beauty, it has a mind-boggling collection of information on the subject where one can spend an inordinate amount of time reading an unreasonable number of promises and some great reviews.)

Did you know if you put a soupçon of rosy blush on your earlobes the face is instantly lifted and brightened?  Neither did I.  

I tried it today.  It's difficult to make that judgement alone in my bathroom and my husband didn't notice.  I'll have to take it out to see if I can elicit some sort of public reaction.


Drea said...

I want one

Tish Jett said...

You have one -- at least the color, not something from the Vintage Collection. HOWEVER, I think you can find it at Target. What next. . .

Sharon said...

I want one too - everything I put on my face now emphasizes my wrinkles

Anonymous said...

Hold on, I'll send you some.

L&Ks, T

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