Thursday, November 20, 2008

True Bleu

Want your eyes to be sparkly bright?  You need blue eye drops, Les Gouttes Bleues

Two or three drops in each eye and magically the whites become blue-white instead of some wishy-washy whitish hue.  The high-definition contrast next to the iris is nothing short of riveting.  Even before you start layering on the cream, the concealer, the shadow, the liner, the mascara; your eyes are gleaming and gorgeous.

One caveat not on the bottle of course, but from my pharmacist:  use occasionally for special moments only because apart from the lovely azure film it imparts, it also constricts the blood vessels in the eyes.

I know several American makeup artists who never leave home without a few bottles in their makeup kits because of the way a few drops make the eyes glisten in "real life" as well as in photographs and on television.  "It makes the eyes 'pop'," as one put it.

According to the little paper inside the box, Les Gouttes Bleues also help "relax and rest the eyes."  Et voila.

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