Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ode To An Apple a Day

A couple of years ago I asked our generalist to give me a little "help" with my diet.  Since French doctors are renowned for writing prescriptions for just about anyone for just about anything, I was sure he would happily prescribe a little something that would effectively assist me in achieving my goal to look more like my French girlfriends.

I told him I was seeking a French pharmaceutical solution, a bullet d'argent, if you will.  This is what he told me:  "There are two secrets" -- I'm getting really excited at this point -- "the decision and apples."  Pardonnez moi?

Now, this is a man who would give me, no questions asked, a prescription for Xanax and Prosac on the same visit -- to our house I might add -- and was refusing to give me a tiny pill to curb my appetite. I was desperate, miserable and clearly not ready to move ahead with my plans.

Several months later I took his advice.  I made the decision and before stocking up on apples confirmed my resolve by scheduling an appointment with Claire Brosse-Dandrieux whom I now believe to be the best nutritionist in the world.  

As we move along I will tell you everything she has taught me:  how she breaks all the rules; how I've changed my eating habits; and yes, sadly, the daily battles with those ugly recurrences of my undisciplined self when confronted with certain irresistible objects of temptation. 

I've had great victories, minor digressions and a few major setbacks.  As I'm sitting here now on my expanding derriere I'm wrestling with the decision to lose the four kilos -- 8.8 pounds -- I've accumulated since my daughter's wedding in early September. (I admit there was rampant laisser-aller prior to and since the big event.)  In a perfect world I would like to lose seven kilos before the holidays.  Unlikely, but I'll keep you au courant.  There is a shiny Granny Smith sitting on my desk, right next to a big bottle of water.

        Apple Info
  • They control hunger longer with their high fiber and natural fructose content.
  • Apples are cholesterol and sodium free and high in pectin. (Ed. Note:  You probably knew this.)
  • One medium-sized apple contains a mere 80 calories.
  • They are an excellent source of dietary fiber; four grams per apple.
  • They are high in complex carbohydrates -- 22 grams -- and contain the valuable trace mineral Boron. 
Except for one friend who never leaves home without a couple of hard boiled eggs to stave off a snack attack, the majority of my friends are packing apples; so is our doctor, he usually eats three per day.  Claire likes them too and recommends homemade applesauce as the perfect after dinner dessert.  She says it makes us sleep like a baby.  

Please write to me when you have a moment.  My blog consultant tells me that for those of you who had problems with the "comments" option you have to take about 30 seconds or so to sign into blogspot. In answer to one question I received by e-mail, the contents of the white plastic Avene compact is a super creamy foundation.


Dee Dee, Chicago said...

I am excited for the eating secrets. Having hit "that age" weight is my very biggest (pardon the pun) issue. I am very disciplned in my healthy eating and working out, but alas ... it does not move! Like artist clay thrown on my body parts and left to dry, there it is... never moving. I am waiting. Having a great sense of style on an ever expanding landscape is not easy! Do they even have style secrets for that considering how tiny the french women are? Let me know soon ok?

Tish Jett said...

Hi DeeDee,
Yes, they do and yes I will. Even though they're, as you say mostly slender, they have ways of hiding expanding waistlines and drooping whatevers. I promise to tell all. One trick they use is long tops that are neither loose nor tight, with a skinny belt that hangs off the waist, i.e. no longer cinches it in they way it did in the old days and then a jacket.

Everything they wear under jackets is made out of super thing fabrics even if it's cashmere so there is no added bulk.

More later, I promise, Tish

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