Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hot Chocolat

Ummmm. . .  At last a legitimate reason for adults to love Halloween:  a  milk chocolate "pumpkin" filled with morsels of dark chocolate from La Maison du Chocolat.

Morale at an all time low?   Feeling unloved and miserable? Searching for the world's most satisfying comfort food?

It's time for chocolate.  

Doctors, scientists and slinky French women know it's the only serious remedy any time, any place for just about anything. One can always turn to Champagne or red wine, undeniably two great French pick-me-ups, but since Paris is abuzz this week with the latest news on cocoa from the 14th annual Salon du Chocolat it seems irreverent not to pay homage to the "food of the gods".

"Le chocolat is the last thing people sacrifice in a time of crisis," Sylvie Douce, founder of the Salon du Chocolat, affirmed at the opening of the event. 

It's impossible to separate chocolate from pleasure and that's the message coming out of the Salon:  When the economy appears to be in major meltdown mode, place a piece of chocolate on your tongue and as the sweet, sensuous chocolate melts, so do all our troubles.  Pourquoi pas?  

A few fascinating facts about French chocolate lovers:
  • 50 percent prefer chocolat noir; 35 percent, chocolat au lait and 15 percent chocolat blanc.
  • Last year chocolate sales were up eight percent over 2006 to 2.7 million Euros.
  • In a poll from Le Figaro newspaper of 6177 men and women, 87 percent said "chocolate has a positive effect on my morale".
  • Some 41 percent of women respondents said eating chocolate gave them more pleasure than making love.  Hmmmmm.
  • Surprise. Annually the French eat more chocolate than we do: 6.8 kilos and 5.2 respectively.
When visitors to the salon get bored eating the confection they can test a chocolate depilatory product or watch a fashion show of chocolate costumes -- really.


Anonymous said...

this is my comment on your whole Blog "WONDERFUL" keep them coming!

Tish Jett said...

Ooooooh, thank you, thank you.

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