Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Compact Solutions

Eau Thermale Avene Compact Teinte - Tinted Compact for sensitive skin may not be the little jewel you want to whip out of your "It" bag, but remember beauty comes from within.

French women are remarkable for four very specific reasons:  discipline, realism, pragmatism and charm.  I see these qualities in every aspect of their lives from their marriages to their well-thought-out wardrobes.  What started out as shock and awe when I first arrived in France has turned into unabashed esteem for their lucid philosophy of life.  

Never dull, ever reinventing themselves and always active, French women of a certain age are formidable forces of nature and thus irresistible to watch, admire and emulate.  

In my quest to assimilate the positive and forget about the negative I've turned to gynecologists, dermatologists, pharmacists, generalists and one plastic surgeon for their learned counsel.  All are women except for our family doctor who looks like a rock star with his perpetually tanned, unshaven visage, slim jeans, light blue oxford shirt and navy single-breasted blazer, but I digress.  (He makes house calls.)

Back on message:  Dr. Elizabeth Achard, the above mentioned plastic surgeon, recommends a great makeup that doesn't require application with a sharp surgical instrument, has a SPF of 50 and works equally well on camouflaging spots, blotches and those pesky post surgical scars one might have after "a little freshening up" procedure.  (Note teeny picture above.)

She uses it daily and I have the compact with me at all times for those annoying breakouts we're not supposed to have at our age.  Since it's creamy I find it's not the best solution when the temperatures soar -- I've got another product for those days -- but it's great for the rest of the year.  


Andrea said...

This is great

Tish Jett said...

Thank you, thank you. You should win something for being the first person to post a comment. xxoo

judyjudyjudy said...

Bravo Tish! You're off to a fabulous start. I want to know ALL your secrets.

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